After having an old blog shared with my friend I decided to branch out and start one of my own so that I could be more active and change things up a little bit. In case you weren’t aware my old blog was, I loved taking part in this blog but decided it was time to make my own.

I’m a massive lover of all things beauty related, I love traveling and also love photography. You will be seeing all of these different aspects of me through this blog and I hope that you enjoy all of them.
I started off on Instagram over 2 years ago writing about things that I love and when the opportunity to blog came up I couldn’t not take it, I see it as a way of expressing my opinions in more than just a small comment following a picture.
My Instagram currently has a light theme and I like to post some of my photography on there but still continue posting about makeup also. If you are interested in following my Instagram it is @bethxkate.

Sorry for this post being quite short, I felt that as a first post I just needed a small introduction to get started. I’m looking forward to posting soon!!

Thank you for reading! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @bethxkate and I will be starting up a beauty Twitter very soon.

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