Italy Travel Diary ♡

Italy, a magnificent place filled with astonishing architecture and stunning scenery. If you follow my Instagram then you will already know that I have been on holiday in Italy for 2 weeks and I have decided to put together some of my favourite pictures from my favourite places in to this blog post (pre-warning there are many pictures).

We started off the holiday by flying to Milan, we ate some amazing pizza on the first night from a restaurant called Franks. The hotel we stayed in had a great view especially for the storm on the second night which we watched from our windows, I also captured a lovely sunset. On our second day in Milan we took the metro in to the centre, it had some amazing shops from Gucci to NYX. Some of the buildings in the centre were incredible.

From Milan we drove to Tuscany in Florence. It was really hot there and me and my family enjoyed spending a few chill days by the pool breaking up the fun filled trips to places such as Rome, central Florence and Pisa. Pisa was definitely my favourite out of the day trips as the architecture everywhere was amazing and it wasn’t too busy or rushed and you didn’t get hassled. However, I also loved Rome and visiting the Colosseum and taking the audio tour to find out lots of the history. On this trip we took one of the open top bus tours so that we could learn about the city and see some of the best places, I loved learning about the past and some of it really surprised me, a definite must do if you visit the city.





From Tuscany we drove to Venice, it was exactly how I had imagined. Colourful buildings filled the tiny streets and water ran through the streets no matter where you were! Venice had many of my favourite shops including Sephora and Kiko, a haul will be up very soon of everything I bought on the whole trip so lookout for that. On our second day in Venice we took a tour around The Doge’s Palace, it was really interesting to see the places that criminals would stay and the decoration in mostly every room was ornate and golden (apart from the jails of course). The audio tour we did there took you through the history of every room and even showed some of the secret passage ways they used to use. We also took a day trip to Siena, this also was filled with tall yet narrow buildings and was a lot of walking, however, it was worth it!



Lastly, from Venice we travelled to Lake Garda. As soon as I saw the bright blue water I was dazzled. Me and my family spent our time here relaxing out by the pool to top up our tans before going back to the rainy UK. I especially enjoyed the hot weather and all of the flowers there as they were so colourful and eye-catching. It was very hard to leave after only having one and a bit of a day there as me and my family would have loved to do a boat trip.

Lake Garda;

Thank you for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post, to follow me on Instagram you can find me at @bethxkate and I will hopefully have a Twitter very soon for this blog.





10 thoughts on “Italy Travel Diary ♡

  1. Your trip looks incredible! That pool looks amazing and I’ve always wanted to go to Venice. I am going to Italy soon and this post has definitely got me excited 😉
    Beth x


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