Italy Haul ♡

If you have seen the post before my last then you will know that I have recently been on Holiday to Italy, it was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course when going to another country you have to visit all of the shops they have that you don’t or even the same ones but seeking new things! As hauls are one of my favourite posts to read I have decided to write my own. In no particular order here is what I purchased…

Before going on holiday I had done some research to find out if the places I was going had Sephora and to my delight they did! After hearing so many YouTubers and bloggers rave about their face masks I decided to pick up 3 for myself and I also picked up a nose strip. The face masks that I picked up are in ‘Pearl’, ‘Lotus’ and ‘Orchid’ and the nose strip is a ‘Charcoal’ one. I have already used the nose strip and I was amazed! I left it on for 15 minutes on damp skin and once that time was off I peeled it off and it took so much dirt out of my skin, I will definitely have to order some more of these soon.


Whilst in Milan I came across a NYX shop, I was so happy since in the UK we are lucky to find a stand in our local Boots. Recently I have really been tying to experiment more with my eye shadow looks and since they were so cheap I couldn’t not pick them up. I picked up 4 shades, all shimmers. I got the shades ‘Bonfire’, ‘Heat’, ‘Illusion’ and ‘Gold Lust’. I cant wait to try them out and use them in future tutorials.


On my second trip to Sephora whilst in Venice I was ecstatic to see that they had Too Faced (I couldn’t find it at any of the others). Even though we get Too Faced in the UK I had saved my money for holiday and to my delight I think it was slightly cheaper out there. I picked up the Chocolate Bar palette which I have wanted for such a long time and also picked up the Born This Way foundation which I have heard amazing things about. I will have a full depth review coming soon of both of these products.


When I visited Pisa I knew that I wanted to get an ornament of the Tower to put in my room next to my Eiffel Tower ornament so I picked one up from a stall just outside the walls. I love the fact that this looks quite old as I find it aesthetically pleasing.


If you know me then you will know that I am a huge lover of Disney and my favourite princess ever since I was little has always been Snow White. When I came across a Disney shop I had to go in! I picked up this really cute Snow White mug which was quite expensive but I love it and it will go with my 3 dwarf mugs which I also own:)


I picked up 2 new concealers on this trip, one from NYX and the other from Maybelline. Even though you can get both of these in the UK I can never find the right shade and it has always been sold out when I try. I love both of these however, the NYX one is very thick so its not the easiest the blend out but it has got amazing coverage and even gives off the affect of foundation.


I also picked up 3 new completely different lip products. I got the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade ‘Budapest’ and I love it so much, unlike similar liquid lipsticks from NYX this doesn’t crumble at the edges and it even lasts through eating and drinking, I’m hoping to pick up some more of these very soon! When in Venice I came across a shop which sold loads of makeup brands just a few doors down from my hotel, I picked up an Essence lipstick in the shade ‘Barely There!’, I love the colour of this lipstick and think that it will be perfect for Autumn.  I also picked up a lip balm because stupidly I forgot to pack mine to take with me and my lips started getting really chapped.


Lastly whilst on holiday I decided to pick up 2 of the University jumpers, I got 1 in Venice which is green and 1 in Rome which is Red. In Pisa I also picked up a t-shirt with the Leaning Tower on which is navy.

Unfortunately I have only got a picture of this jumper because the Rome one is in the wash aswell as the Pisa t-shirt.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post, to follow me on Instagram you can find me at @bethxkate and I will have a beauty Twitter coming very soon for this blog.

Beth ♡

23 thoughts on “Italy Haul ♡

  1. I would love the too faced chocolate bar palette!! It has been on my wish list for so long. The nyx eyeshadows also look gorgeous.
    Beth X


  2. Oh I love all your products and souvenirs! I’m also in Italy atm and can’t wait to visit Sephora tomorrow! Soooo excited! Hope they have too faced as well there! And you made me curious about their masks 😉
    Would be great if you’d check out my blog and if you like it, maybe also follow me 😉
    xoxo Larissa from


      1. Yes it’s so warm here and the cities I visited are really pretty :))
        I will! You’ll probably read it on my blog then 😀
        Thank you!!!! xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

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