Back To School Haul ♡

As the weather is getting cooler and the summer holidays are coming to an end I decided it was finally time to go out and buy everything I need for school this year. I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money since most things either end up getting lost or broken so the main shops I bought from consisted of The Works, Poundland, WHSmith and The Range. (Incase anyone is wondering I’m going in to Year 11).

Since I’m taking art at GCSE level at my school I knew that I was going to be needing decent colours, after searching for a long time I found a pack of 36 in The Works for only £4. Obviously I wont be taking all of these to school but its good to have variations of the same shades so I can pick and choose. The next 2 sets of pens were gifts from my auntie, she got me a set of 8 double sided sharpies and a set of 10 fine liners. These will come in really handy when it comes to my exams as I learn my notes much better in colour so thank you very much if your reading:).


As for pens and pencils I picked up a set of 4 black BIC biros from Poundland as I prefer to write in black ink and that’s also what we are instructed to do for exams. I picked up a set of 5 pencils from The Range (which I think were £1.50) as they were only being sold in big packs in WHSmith and I still have some left from last year which I can also use.


The next 3 items I bought from WHSmith, I bought a pair of scissors which were £1.50, a ruler which was £1 and a rubber and sharpener set which was £1.99. I also picked up a Pritt stick from Poundland as I know this glue actually holds sheets in place. These are just all essentials which will come in handy in lessons rather than having to borrow from other people.


Of course all of these supplies need something to go in, so I bought a mint green and white pencil case from WHSmith which was £6.99. This is a very decent size and fits in all of my supplies perfectly. I went with a light coloured case so that it was easy to find in my bag. As I like to be organised and don’t want to forget about any homework I bought a weekly planner from Poundland which I will keep on my desk throughout the school year.


One of my most effective ways of revising is creating mind maps, writing out notes and making bullet points so I bought 2 note books both from Poundland which I can use throughout the year for revision. I will definitely be needing more later within the year when exam season comes but for now I know what exams are coming up soon so only bought enough for them. The one of the left is definitely my favourite, I love the pattern!


For my school bag I bought a PINK (Victoria’s Secret) backpack which was £49.99, even though this was expensive I know it will last a long time and is good quality. It is light and dark blue, has 3 separate compartments and has a front pocket.

(picture from the PINK website) 

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, to follow my Instagram you can find me at @bethxkate and I will hopefully have a Twitter coming for this blog soon.

Beth ♡

6 thoughts on “Back To School Haul ♡

  1. This is such a lovely haul! You got some really cool items. I’m going into year 12, I don’t even know if that’s what they call it. Maybe just 1st year of college haha. And I’m totally unprepared. I’m taking French, photography and design and because there’s two creative subjects I haven’t really bothered to get usual notebooks and pens. All arty stuff I already have.

    Also I found the works are doing really pretty notebooks (I picked a couple up for blogging) and they were only a couple of pound X

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    1. That’s awesome!! Yeah it’s year 12 haha☺️
      I’m hoping to take mostly creative subjects when I get to that year so I will probably be doing the same!!
      The works have some lovely stuff and the prices are so good xx

      Liked by 1 person

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