5 Ways To Be More Positive ♡

Everyone can have their down days but there are always ways of cheering ourselves up and distracting ourselves from our problems. All of the points mentioned in this post have helped me through tough times and keep me staying positive. You may have heard some of these before but I find these work for me.

1. Find a passion.

For me, my passions are this blog, photography, drawing and makeup. I feel comfortable enough to be able to write about anything on this blog and whenever I’m writing I forget about all my problems. If you have a different passion, that’s completely ok, you can blog about almost anything and there will be a community of people/readers who will be interested in what you have to say. The list of different blogs are endless so you do you. I also love reading other peoples blogs, I normally go on the beauty tag and read through them all.

2.  Make a playlist.

If you have a YouTube or Spotify account you can create playlists and listen to them whenever you are feeling down. Personally, on Spotify I like to use songs which bring back happy memories or which have an upbeat tune, you can also listen to these playlists on your way to work/school/collage/uni and they will help put you in a better mood to start off the day. On YouTube I like to put together videos from my favourite YouTubers and watch them and they instantly stop me from overthinking. My favourite YouTubers consist of The Janoskians, The Dolan Twins, Connor Franta, Tati, Beauty Spectrum, Eve Bennett and a few more.

3. Create positive signs and hang them in your room.

I have recently been coming across pictures of these which people have made so I decided to make some for myself. Instead of paying £15 for one of Tanya Burr’s prints you can simply make them yourself for much cheaper. I started off on dafont.com and fount 4 fonts that I liked then typed in what I wanted them to say, put them on to a publisher document and printed them out of photo paper. I’m really pleased with how these came out and they look great on my DIY photo board that I made.

4. Make other people happy.

By making other people happy you will be surrounded by a positive energy and there’s nothing better than seeing friends and family happy! Some ways I like to do this is by doing little secret projects which I will give them and hope that it will make their day. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, hand made gifts are usually the best and are much more personal:). Even giving someone a simple compliment can make their day.

5. Keep a diary of good factors of your day.

As one of my new years resolutions my aim was to write down 1 or more positive thing that happened every day so that at the end of the year I could read them. Unfortunately I got too caught up in revision and completely forgot but you can start this whenever! Even if your day is awful something positive must have happened (even if its something really small). Thinking about that one positive in your day will help you realise that it may not have been as bad a day as you think.

I really hope that this post helped and you consider some of the points I mentioned.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, to follow my Instagram you can find me at @bethxkate and I will hopefully have a Twitter coming for this blog soon.

Beth ♡


24 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be More Positive ♡

  1. In love with this post! The positivity board is stunning and these tips aren’t very complicated but have long-term effects, which is awesome. Thanks for sharing this post!


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