My Autumn Lip Picks ♡

As the temperature is dropping and the leaves are starting to fall, I thought it was the perfect time to switch up my most used makeup products to fit the season. Lip products are an essential to my day to day makeup as I feel they really finish off the look. I have decided to show you a few of my favourite lip products for this season.

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My Most Used/Favourite Beauty Tools ♡

Makeup tools are an essential to me as I hate applying makeup with my hands, after experimenting with many different tools over the years I have been wearing makeup I have decided to share my must-haves with you.

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August Favourites ♡

As the summer is now coming to an end and Autumn is creeping upon us I decided to put together some of my favourites from this month. I will still continue using these products throughout the year as they can be used within any season. Continue reading “August Favourites ♡”