August Favourites ♡

As the summer is now coming to an end and Autumn is creeping upon us I decided to put together some of my favourites from this month. I will still continue using these products throughout the year as they can be used within any season.

Firstly, I have been loving my recently purchased Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This is absolutely amazing and definitely worth the price! Every time I have used this the pigmentation has been amazing and the shadows have had no fall out. The shadows last all day with no movement and maintain their pigment. I love the variation of shades in this palette and can’t wait to experiment more with it and create more adventurous looks for the upcoming seasons.


Of course when applying eye shadow, brushes are an essential. The 4 brushes I have been using most throughout this month are from Real Techniques, Crown Brushes, BS Mall and one from the Naked 3 palette. I love using the Crown Brushes brush in my crease as it blends perfectly, the Naked 3 brush for my inner corner, the Real Techniques brush for all over the lid and the BS Mall brush to do any extra blending.


Whilst we are on the topic of eyes, my favourite mascara this month is the Lash Sensational by Maybelline. I had been seeing reviews about this everywhere so decided to pick it up and at first I really wasn’t impressed. It was too watery for my liking and it would go all over my eyelid. I decided to give it some time to dry-up a little and now I much prefer it, it gives my eyelashes lots of volume and blackness which doesn’t get under my eyes throughout the day (which I have found with other mascaras).


Another eye favourite has been one of my recently purchased NYX shadows in the shade Bonfire. I love this shade and the pigmentation is good. For such a small price I was very impressed. In total I purchased 4 of these shadows (in different shades) and there is already a review up on my blog if you would like to see an indepth review, swatches and a look I created.


Moving on to face products I have been loving my new Maybelline concealer, after struggling to find my shade in all of my local Boots and Superdrugs I luckily came across it when on holiday in Italy and had to get it. I mainly use this to highlight under my eyes and to cover and blemishes. The coverage isn’t bad but could be better but for the price you can’t expect it to be like the Naked concealer.


Another face favourite is the Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder which one of my friends got my from her holiday. I love this highlight so so much, the pigment is amazing and it gives off such an amazing, healthy glow. I use this on my cheek bones, cupids bow and slightly on the bottom of my nose. I also love that this looks like marble!


As my lips have been very chapped this month I have been avoiding matte lipsticks so instead I tried out an Essence lipgloss in the shade 06 Almond. I love that this doesn’t feel really sticky on the lips and gives off a nice shine, it has also got a decent sized applicator and has a sweet smell.


Looking after my skin is an essential for me no matter what the season and since Loreal had recently brought out new face masks I decided to try one out. When you go in to any of the Boots shops they should have the sample sheets where you can test 3 parts of your face to see what mask they need the most, all of my results came out the same. I was expecting this since my skin is so oily. It recommended that I picked up the Pure Clay Detox Mask so I did and I have been loving it. I love the clean smell of this and it immediately  made my skin feel smoother, look clearer and much fresher. My only downfall with this product would have to be that it stains your flannel. I stupidly used a plain white one and now I can’t get the charcoal colour out so there is your pre warning incase you were planning on getting one. When I bought this there was an offer on at Boots “spend £5 on skincare get a free mini Micellar Water” so of course I took the opportunity to get one of those aswell as I used this twice a day every day.


My 2 favourite scents/sprays this month have been the Victoria’s Secret Secret Charm body spray and the PINK Sweet & Flirty body spray. Both of these aren’t too strong which I like in a spray and they are perfect to put in your bag and use throughout the day. I can’t wait to buy more!


Lastly I have been loving 2 nail varnishes from the Body Shop. These were on sale for £3 each and I couldn’t not pick them up. I got the shades “meet me at dusk” and “the body shop green”. I have been using these consistently throughout summer as I love the shades but they chip very easy and you have to do a few coats for the best pigment.


Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, to follow my Instagram you can find me at @bethxkate and my Twitter is also @bethxkate, on Twitter I mainly tweet about when I have uploaded on here.

Beth ♡

26 thoughts on “August Favourites ♡

  1. Love this! I have the Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette! I’m allergic to Maybelline’s Sensational mascara though. I’m allergic to several, but I have found some that are my go-to’s.

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      1. If you love the colors to the chocolate palette you have, you’ll love the semi-sweet colors, and I still have to swatch my Tartelette in Bloom palette for you! For mascaras, I use: Lancome Grandiose (favorite), L’Oreal’s’s in a purple tube, Mary Kay Ultimate mascara, Total Intensity, and L’Oreal’s voluminous.

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    1. Personally I think the Too Faced palettes have got better pigmentation and a better variation of shades but then again the Naked Palettes are so different to Too Faced, it’s quite hard to compare them. If I was you I’d base your decision on the shades xxx

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