The Travel Tag ♡

Yesterday I found out that I was tagged to take part in the travel tag. I was really happy to be tagged as travelling is one of my favourite things to do! 

I was tagged by the lovely blogger Random Subjects, you can find her blog here. Thank you for tagging me to do this. You should definitely check out her blog as her posts are great!

The questions and my answers;

What was your favourite holiday/vacation? 

My favourite holiday I have been on is definitely when I went to Las Vegas for 2 weeks with my family. I loved everything about it and would definitely love to visit again.

Where would be your dream vacation destination and why?

My dream holiday destination is New York. I have wanted to visit for such a long time as it looks like an amazing city and a great opportunity for photography. After watching the whole of Gossip Girl within a few months it has made me want to visit even more!

Who would you take with you? 

I would definitely want to go with my family as my parents have visited before and I would probably get lost if it was just me and my friends. 

What destination would you not like to visit? 

Apart from dangerous places I would happily visit anywhere as you can’t tell exactly what its going to be like until you get there and its an opportunity for new experiences. 

Do you prefer relaxing vacations or exploring and being active? 

Personally I love both and feel that each holiday needs a balance. I like to alternate it throughout the holiday so one day can be exploring and the next be a chill day by the pool or beach. 

If you could honeymoon anywhere, where would it be? 

Sounds cliche but I would probably pick somewhere like Paris or Italy as I love both of these places and feel you can’t get enough of them as there is so much to explore.

What culture do you find the most interesting? 

I feel like every culture is really interesting and love to learn more about them.

If you could eat an authentic dish from any country, where would it be? 

Personally, I love having an Indian takeaway so I would love to be able to try food from India and branch out more.

Who do you choose to do this travel tag? 

I nominate; 




I’m obsessed with all of their blogs and would love to see them do this tag, you should definitely check out their blogs!

My questions for you are; 

1; Where is your favourite place you have visited?

2; If you could visit anywhere tomorrow where would you pick?

3; Would you rather a city holiday or a beach holiday?

4; What are 3 of your holiday essentials?

5; Are you an over packer or an under packer?

6; What is your favourite thing about going on holiday?

7; What is one place that you would never want to visit?

8; Who would you rather go on holiday with, family or friends?

9; What is the most adventurous dish you have tried from another country?

10; Who do you choose to do this Travel Tag?

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as it is different from my usual ones. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate. I will also have my normal Saturday upload aswell this week so lookout for that.

Beth ♡

12 thoughts on “The Travel Tag ♡

  1. Awesome post! Really jealous you went to Las Vegas :O Also, I feel you on Gossip Girl; it has made me want to dress like Blair Waldorf (opposite to my style) and live on the Upper East Side with her. Great post 🙂 hopefully we can do more tags in the future xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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