AVON Skincare Review ♡

Skincare is an essential to me since I wear makeup almost every day and need to make sure it doesn’t affect my skin. I recently decided to try out some new products as my current products I was using didn’t seem to be making much of a difference.

When coming across some of Avon’s skincare range in one of their booklets I had to pick some up! I picked up the Nutra Effects self foaming face wash, the Natura Effects balance day cream and the balance gel cream (night cream). I made sure that all of these products suited my skin type which is oily but could only get the face wash in combination.


After using these products for almost a week I’m very impressed with them and can tell that they are definitely going to be included in my every day routine. All of the products are from the same range and have the same subtle scent. The scent is very fresh and makes your face feel very clean.

The face wash is different from any other I have tried before, it comes out quite liquidy and as you apply it on to your face it turns in to foam. It is very smooth on your skin and cleans it extremely well. To check that this had completely taken off all the dirt from my face I used a toner, to my surprise nothing came off after using the toner. I will definitely be re purchasing this again in the future as I’m very impressed with it.

The day cream is definitely a new favourite skin product for me, it makes your skin really smooth and fresh. I apply this after washing my face in the morning and it helps to create the perfect base before applying my makeup. The cream has a normal consistency and is easy to rub in. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin after using this. After having reactions to other day creams (even though I don’t have sensitive skin) I was very pleased with this one and I can see myself re purchasing it.

Finally I have also been loving the gel cream, I use this daily after washing my face before bed. This is completely different to the day cream as it is a gel instead of a cream. It still has the same fresh scent as the other products and makes your face feel much smoother. You get a really decent amount of product for such a reasonable price, a small amount of this goes a very long way and I can see it lasting over 2 months.

Both the gel and cream cost only £4.50 and the self foaming mask only costs £3. Links to all of the products;

To find the day cream click here .

To find the gel night cream click here.

To find the self foaming mask click here.

I definitely recommend that you try out some of these products and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

Sorry for not uploading last week, I have had to be focusing on exams but now that they are over I will be back to my normal uploads!

Thank you for reading! To follow me on Instagram and Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate. All opinions stated in this blog post are my own.

Beth ♡

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