Miss Patisserie ♡

Ever since finding Miss Patisserie in my local town I have been loving it! I received lots of their products for my last birthday and now that they have all been used up I decided to go back in and pick some more up. 

The 2 bath bombs that I picked up are ‘Twinkle’ (£3.50) and ‘Cotton’ (£3.90). I picked these 2 because the colours drew me in and both of the scents are amazing. I’m especially excited to see what Twinkle looks like in the bath. Twinkle has quite a musky smell which I absolutely love and Cotton smells like fresh flowers. All of Miss Patisseries bath bombs are a really decent size and you definitely get your moneys worth, they also make amazing gifts. After trying out many of their products before I have never been disappointed and know that they are of a good quality. Their products are perfect for a pamper night and make me feel so much calmer after a long day in school.

When visiting the shop I was amazed by all of their products. The layout of the inside is really simple but looks sophisticated and well laid out. There was definitely more products that I wanted to pick up and know that I will be needing to take another trip in soon to get some more! I’m definitely going to be buying some Christmas presents for friends and family from there. Their bath bombs range from simplistic to striking, meaning they are suitable for everyone and you will definitely find something that you will like.

Do you get annoyed having to fight (not literally) your way through Lush? If so Miss Patisserie is for you! It is much quieter than Lush as it isn’t as well known. The products are of the same quality and both shops have very similar prices. I definitely recommend that if you can find one by you that you go and check it out, I can assure that you will be impressed. Or, if you don’t have one near you you can order from their website here. The packaging they use is simple but also means that your attention isn’t taken away from the product, when you buy in store you get your products in clear bags but if you are wanting to buy a gift they offer deals and you get a beautiful box with the products inside. Another very important detail is that they are a cruelty free and paraben free company.


An all time favourite product from mine from Miss Patisserie is their ‘BEBE Lip Tint’ (£4.85). I was given this as a gift for my birthday which is in January and it is still going. I use this mostly every evening before bed as it stops my lips from getting dry and makes them feel very moisturised. I can definitely see myself buying this again when it runs out.

To find the Cotton Bath Bomb click here.

To find the Twinkle Bath Bomb click here.

Disclaimer; all opinions in this blog post are my own and this post is not sponsored.

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Beth ♡


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