Rimmel Match Perfection Review ♡

After recently running out of my all time favourite everyday foundation (the Loreal Infallible Matte £7.99) I decided it was time for a change. Instead I decided to pick up the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade 103 true ivory (£7.99), I swatched it in the shop to make sure it was the right colour for me and to make sure it blended well. From my swatch I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to try it the next morning. I also feel that it is necessary to add that I was impressed at the counter as Rimmel had many variations of shades to fit everyone’s needs.

On the first day of trying the foundation out I had primed my face with my usual primer then applied product to the back of my hand then dotted on to my face using my fingers. I had used my Six Plus buffing brush to blend it in to my skin, I found that the foundation really dragged around my face (I know the brush didn’t cause this because of previous uses). This also made it difficult to then apply more product on to make the coverage better. Using a brush to apply the product made it look quite patchy.

The next day I tried using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender (dampened), to my delight this worked much better and applied the product really well and it didn’t look patchy at all. It also made it much easier to apply  my under eye concealer over the top.

Something I noticed straight away about this foundation was the scent, it is very hard to describe the smell but I would definitely recommend that if you are going to buy this product that you smell it first to make sure you wouldn’t mind it on your face. It isn’t a strong scent but some people may find it off-putting.

After having applied this to my face with the beauty blender it didn’t feel cakey at all and lasted well throughout the day. As with any foundation I still had to powder again half way through the day to minimise shine from my oily skin. The foundation came off very well at the end of the day when using a toner and a face wash and so far it hasn’t caused any break outs.

These are all just my opinions and I’m sure some people do love this product. Even though I like some aspects of it I can’t see myself re-purchasing it in the future. Let me know in the comments if any of you have tried this product and what you thought.

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Beth ♡

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