My Autumn Favourites ♡

As the cold yet cozy Winter is now upon us, I have decided to share with you what I have been loving throughout the months September, October and November. I can’t believe how close we already are to Christmas! If there are any Christmas themed blog posts you would like me to do please leave some suggestions in the comments below. 

Even though these aren’t very Autumn themed, I have been loving my new cactus’s that I bought in October. I have recently had my bedroom re-decorated and these go with it perfectly. I picked these up from Primark and I think they were £1.50/£2.00. If you have read previous blog posts or follow me on Instagram you will have already seen these a lot in pictures.

Going on to the topic of makeup, I have been loving so many items throughout Autumn. Starting off with eye shadow, I have been LOVING using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I bought this in summer but the shades are so perfect for the colder months. I love creating different looks and combinations with it and have definitely been experimenting more with my eye shadow throughout Autumn. Every eye shadow has amazing pigmentation and they all have very minimal fallout (added bonus; the palette smells just like chocolate). Even though the palette is £35.50 it is so worth it and I definitely recommend putting it on your Christmas list. My favourite shades are Salted Caramel, Creme Brulee, Marzipan and Black Forest Truffle.

Some more eye shadows that I have been loving are from the brand Makeup Obsession. This brand have recently been launched in to Boots and currently have a small counter (in the one nearest to me). After seeing my cousin talk about her love for the eye shadows I had to pick some up for myself, I was amazed to find out that the shadows are only £2.00 each!! I decided to pick up 3 and I have been loving using them. I picked up the shades Copper, Cosmo and Precious Metal. The shades have amazing pigmentation with some fallout, I love the fact that these shadows can really finish off a look and make it look like you’ve put a lot of effort in. I definitely recommend that you pick some of these up if you can find a counter near you.

As for lip products, throughout the Autumn I have mainly been switching between 3 lip products. The first one that I have been loving is the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit. This is one of my favourite matte liquid lipsticks that I own and I much prefer the formula of it to others I have tried. Little of this product goes a long way. It is very long lasting and only comes off whilst eating or drinking, other than that it doesn’t seem to travel at all. The other 2 lip products I have been loving are from NYX. I have spoken about these a lot in previous posts but they are the Liquid Suede in Sandstorm and the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest. More details about all these lip products can be found here. IMG_0127.JPG

Taking care of your skin is very important during the colder months as it can become really dry. At the beginning of November I picked up some of Avon’s skincare range, I have been continuously using it and using it daily throughout the month. I did a post reviewing all of the products I picked up from Avon here. The moisturisers have really been helping keep my skin refreshed throughout the month. An all time favourite for me is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, everything about this product is amazing. I love the sweet smell and how it makes my skin feel really smooth after uses. It’s perfect to use after having a hot bath and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

I recently picked up a Revolution eye brow kit called Focus and Fix, the kit comes with 3 shades and a gel. I got the shade medium because my eye brows are quite dark. Being someone that has always found filling in their eye brows hard this kit has made me a lot more confident and it is much easier than other products I have tried. I’m still practising at the moment and hopefully my skills will improve as time goes on. IMG_0126.JPG

Finally, on cozy nights in I love to catch-up on YouTube videos, my most watched YouTubers this season have been Gabriella, Jasmine Clough, Fabulous Hannah and of course The Dolan Twins. If you know me then you already know that I’m a massive lover of the Dolan Twins and was lucky enough to meet them in October. All of the girls have amazing channels and I’m so glad that Gabby has been uploading so much recently.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed finding out my Autumn Favourites. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.


24 thoughts on “My Autumn Favourites ♡

  1. Great review and sooo many great products! I a big fan of the “chocolate bar” palette too and i think its just perfect for every occasion and the liquid suede “sandstorm” is my every-day-used lippie! Greetings

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