Beauty Products I HATE ♡

Being someone that is obsessed with makeup and trying out new products means coming across products that I love and hate. Today I decided to share with you some products that I regret buying and that I hate. Of course this post is purely my opinion so please don’t get offended if you love these products. Everyone has different needs from products and different things work for different people.

When baking first became popular I picked up the W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder as I was intrigued to try out this new trend. At first I really enjoyed this product and thought it looked good, I was wrong. Turned out it made my concealer and foundation go very patchy and cakey. It also made the areas where I applied it go an orange colour and made my under eye concealer crease. Ever since realising this I haven’t used this product and definitely don’t intend on.

The next product that I hate is the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation. When this came out it looked amazing and since my skin is very oily and this says ‘soft matte’ I really wanted to try it. After applying this for the first time I knew I hated it straight away, it was very patchy and you could see where I had been blending it with my brush. I still decided to leave it on for the day and see how it lasted. Not long in to the day I felt very cakey and the foundation had gone very oily. I was also dissapointed at the fact that this foundation (when applied) looked way too dark for my skin, I got my normal shade and it looked fine when I tested it but once applied it looked nearly 3 shades darker. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this.

Quite a while ago I uploaded a post of a review on the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, I thought I’d mention it again now incase you missed that post but for more about this product you can click here. This foundation definitely didn’t agree with my skin and made me break out very badly. However, many people love this product so this might just be my skin not liking it.

The next product that I hate is the Loreal Nude Magique CC Cream. As this is for anti-redness I thought it would be amazing for my skin. I have a lot of redness on my skin and expected for this to cover it. Unfortunately this product only made me look orange and had awful coverage meaning all of my spots were still visible. I was very disappointed with this product as I had quite high expectations.

A concealer that I have never liked is the Rimmel Wake Me Up, I find that this has very low coverage, isn’t at all brightening and doesn’t cover my spots at all. I know that lots of people swear by this concealer but unfortunately, I can’t say the same.

I recently purchased an MUA Matte Lipstick in the shade Fawn Fancy as it was such a bargain (£1). You definitely get what you pay for with this product. It is a nice shade but the lipstick is very drying and went into all of the cracks on my lips.

A massive craze used to be the Maybelline Babylips, when everyone was talking about them I picked up a few myself and honestly I’ve never been very impressed with them. The shades which I dislike the most are Pink Punch and Strike A Rose (I don’t own all of them but I do have a few others). I find that these aren’t moisturising at all and just sit on the top of your lips and do nothing good for your lips. Personally, the 2 shades mentioned aren’t shades that I like to wear as they are quite vibrant and smudge very easily.

Finally the last product that I hate is the Barry M Strobe Cream, I picked this up a while ago because I tested it on my hand and it was super pigmented. I tried applying it after having done my whole base and it completely dragged all of the foundation when it was applied. Once the product is applied it looks quite patchy and uneven so overall, I wasn’t very impressed with this product and definitely wouldn’t repurchase it.

I really hope that this post didn’t offend anyone, it is just my opinion and feel it is good to be honest about products you love/hate.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

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