Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks Review ♡

Liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite makeup items to collect and apply. Around Christmas time when Beauty Bay had a sale I decided to order 2 from Gerard Cosmetics. I had previously heard some really good things about these so was excited when I found them in the sale.

Firstly, the packaging is amazing and looks so expensive and good quality! You get a very good amount of product (1.75ml) and the product you get is amazing for just £8.63. They are currently on sale on Beauty Bay so if you are wanting to try one go get it now.

The shades I got are 1995 and Everything Nice. Unfortunately these 2 shades are no longer available but they do have many other lovely shades. The main downside to ordering these was that I couldn’t tell how they were going to look on me, but it was definitely worth the risk because I’m very impressed with them. When inside the tubes the two lipsticks look very similar, however, when they are on your lips/swatched you can notice a difference.

Both shades apply very nicely, but like with any liquid lipstick you have to be careful when applying them because it is very easy to go off your lips and then very difficult to get off your skin. I was very impressed that these didn’t dry out my lips at all as many other liquid lipsticks I have tried have. They both wear very well and once applied don’t smudge. Once this is applied you can barely even tell that you’ve got it on because it is so lightweight.

The only downfall to these liquid lipsticks is that they are quick to start coming off as soon as you drink or eat.

Personally, the smell of these lipsticks remind me of Starbucks frappachinos which definitely isn’t a downfall since these smell amazing, yet another bonus!

Both liquid lipsticks have amazing pigment and I can always get away with only doing one layer, whereas with my NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick I have to use many layers before noticing a good pigment.



Overall, I definitely recommend that you give these a try! I’m very impressed with them and am going to be placing another order soon. If you’d like to view these on Beauty Bay click here.  Be aware that on the website the shades do look quite different than they do when they arrive depending on whether the shade has been shown on a skin tone similar to yours. Also, if you do decide to get some, Beauty Bay have amazing delivery and the products will arrive in a few days after you arrive.

Thank you for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post and decide to pick some up for yourself. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

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