10 Things I’d Save In A Fire ♡

A few days ago Gabriella on Youtube made up the tag ’10 Things I’d Save In A Fire’. I found it very interesting seeing what she chose so decided to share what my 10 items would be. Of course I hope that this situation never occurs but thought it would be fun to do the tag anyway (p.s. everything mentioned is assuming that my family are out safely). You can watch Gabriella’s video here.   Continue reading “10 Things I’d Save In A Fire ♡”


My Gym Experience So Far…♡

At the end of February I joined Easy Gym with one of my friends, it is £18.99 a month. As I have always lacked confidence in the way I look I’ve always wanted to join a gym and I finally did. I go to the gym at least once a week and go more times depending on how much school work I have.

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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes ♡

Washing makeup brushes can be such an effort especially because it can be so time consuming. Over the years I have been wearing makeup I have gone through many different stages of how I wash my brushes and I have finally found a routine which isn’t too time consuming and is in-expensive.

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