How I Clean My Makeup Brushes ♡

Washing makeup brushes can be such an effort especially because it can be so time consuming. Over the years I have been wearing makeup I have gone through many different stages of how I wash my brushes and I have finally found a routine which isn’t too time consuming and is in-expensive.

I went through a stage where I would rub the brushes against my hand in order to get the product out. From this my hands would always end up really dry and it probably wasn’t helping the cleanliness of the brushes. When Real Techniques brought out their brush cleansing palette I was desperate to get my hands on it! This is now what I use every time that I wash my brushes. It helps get the product out so well in such a small amount of time.

You can purchase a Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel which I also decided to try out. Personally, this didn’t work for me and so much is needed to clean 1 brush. Instead, I prefer using baby shampoo, I go for this because it is very gentle so doesn’t pull out any bristles and leaves the brushes feeling amazing! Baby shampoos are also very cheap and last a very long time which is yet another bonus.


Another alternative that I have tried is the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser spray. I thought that this would make washing brushes so much easier but I ended up being disappointed. You have to use many pumps of the spray before makeup would come off and once rinsed it left a horrible smell which I didn’t want to be putting anywhere near my face.

My makeup brush routine goes as follows. I start by slightly wetting the brush in luke-warm water then put some shampoo in to the Real Techniques palette, after this I swirl the brush in the palette until most of the product has come out of the brush. I then rinse the brush thoroughly to make sure no product or shampoo is remaining. As I normally wash my brushes in an evening I then leave them overnight to air dry and sometimes use a towel to rinse some of the water. I have found that this way works best for me but let me know in the comments if you have any tips!


I try to give my brushes a good wash atleast once every fortnight but will admit that I don’t always stick to that… oops.

Thank you for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

10 thoughts on “How I Clean My Makeup Brushes ♡

  1. Saw the real techniques gel cleaner the other day. I’ll have to pick it up & give it a try. I love the Beauty Blender solid cleanser, but it’s so expensive. The Sephora brand dupe works just as well! Solid cleansers work wonders for sponges, but I do love a gel for all my brushes. Cleaning brushes is such a tedious task, but gotta do it!

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  2. I use a technique where i’ll squeeze a bit of Johnson’s baby shampoo onto my hand, swirl my brushes into it and then rinse off! It leaves my brushes sooo soft!! (This has given me an idea to do a post like this!! and dont mind me just having a read of your old posts haha!)

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