My Gym Experience So Far…♡

At the end of February I joined Easy Gym with one of my friends, it is £18.99 a month. As I have always lacked confidence in the way I look I’ve always wanted to join a gym and I finally did. I go to the gym at least once a week and go more times depending on how much school work I have.

I was very nervous yet excited at the same time to start the membership. I always thought that everybody at the gym was going to be very judgemental but have now realised that people don’t go to judge other people, they go for themselves and to make themselves happy. I was excited to join because I want to feel more confident in the way I look and knew that doing this was going to help that.

I’m very lucky in that one of my close friends wanted to join a gym at the same time as me so we now go together, without her I don’t think I would be as motivated as I am to go and I would definitely be a lot more nervous. However, I have been once by myself which was very nerve wracking but having done it I now feel completely fine to be alone there (aslong as it’s not too over-crowded).

The gym that I go to is very big and has many different options for what you can use. Personally, my favourites are cross trainers, bikes and some of the weight machines. My gym also provides some classes which I’m considering going to in the future (once I’ve built some more confidence). I like that the gym is big as it doesn’t ever feel overcrowded and you don’t feel cramped.

Having a gym playlist really helps because it stops you from thinking that people are looking at you and makes the time pass so much faster. I try and go at the quietest times as having less people around makes me feel more comfortable.

I know that just going to the gym isn’t going to help my confidence and my body, so I have also been eating much better. So far I haven’t noticed much difference personally but I have had others tell me that I look like I have lost weight so it must be working! Hopefully my motivation lasts and that I can stick at it so this summer I will feel confident for prom and to be able to wear what I want when it gets hotter.

If you are currently contemplating joining a gym, I definitely recommend that you go for it. It may seem nerve wracking at first but you will get used to it over time like I have. Having a friend with you makes the experience so much better so if you can, get a friend to go with you.

I really enjoy doing personal posts so hope that you enjoy reading them!

(p.s. sorry for no upload last week, I was busy revising for my mock exams which are now over)

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Beth ♡


20 thoughts on “My Gym Experience So Far…♡

  1. That’s awesome! Well done to you! Never joined as gym as I think it will be very overwhelming and can’t actually afford it so when I’m motivated I just work out with YouTube videos! 🙈 would love to join a gym one day though!

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