10 Things I’d Save In A Fire ♡

A few days ago Gabriella on Youtube made up the tag ’10 Things I’d Save In A Fire’. I found it very interesting seeing what she chose so decided to share what my 10 items would be. Of course I hope that this situation never occurs but thought it would be fun to do the tag anyway (p.s. everything mentioned is assuming that my family are out safely). You can watch Gabriella’s video here.  

Number 1 ; my cats.

Anyone with pets will most probably have them as their main priority if there was a fire, so if I could only save one thing it would be both of them.

Number 2 ; my SD cards.

My SD cards contain all of my pictures from holidays, of friends and family, weddings, Instagram pictures and blog pictures. Without these I would lose so many precious memories.

Number 3 ; my phone.

I would try and save my phone so that I could call emergency services and so that I could keep in contact with my family. Another reason I would save my phone is for photography, blog and Instagram reasons. Even though the quality isn’t going to be as great as my camera I can still take photos and write blog posts.

Number 4 ; my mum’s scrapbooks.

Over many years my mum has made scrap books which hold so many memories, I know how much effort she put in to making every single page and think they deserve to be kept forever.

Number 5 ; my folder full of photographs and cards.

I keep a folder full of birthday cards and photos which are important to me, this definitely wouldn’t be a main priority but they are something I would like to save.

Number 6 ; my purse and cards.

This is a pretty obvious one as money is essential.

Number 7 ; my art books.

Over the years, I’m so proud of how I have progressed with my art skills and I have put so much time in to my books that I would be so upset to lose them.

Number 8 ; my Snow White doll.

Growing up, my favourite Disney Princess has always been Snow White and my mum bought me a doll from the Disney Store so that I could always remember the amazing memories (like when I was very young and met her for the first time and she kissed me on the forehead leaving a red lipstick mark which I refused to let anyone rub off).

Number 9 ; my Timberland boots.

These definitely wouldn’t be a main priority but if I could I would try and save them because I wear them all the time and they weren’t cheap.

Number 10 ; my Dolan Twins tour tag.

This is another thing which wouldn’t be a main priority but reminds me of so many great memories and thinking about the day makes me very happy.

You should definitely take part in this tag as it’s so interesting seeing what everyone picks.

Thank you for reading, if you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

9 thoughts on “10 Things I’d Save In A Fire ♡

  1. I agree!! Phone and pictures are a must!

    this post put a smile on my face, very happy for you xx

    *delete if not aloud*

    But hey, I am a new blogger, could you read my first blog and like and comment what you think of it? Thanks in advance x

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