100 Blog Post Ideas (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion etc) ♡

Being a blogger myself, I completely understand that feeling of not having any idea of what to write about. Recently, I decided to put a list together of some future blog posts that I might be doing and decided to share them to help other bloggers out. 

  1. Best cruelty free makeup/makeup brands.
  2. How to be more organised.
  3. Photography.
  4. Revision tips.
  5. How to stay motivated.
  6. Gift ideas for family/friends.
  7. A DIY that has worked well for you.
  8. A recipe that you have tried out and enjoyed.
  9. Ways to become happier.
  10. Your monthly goals.
  11. Skincare routine.
  12. Your pamper evening.
  13. Phone case collection.
  14. An exciting/scary life experience.
  15. Room decor.
  16. How you store your makeup.
  17. Eyeshadow looks.
  18. Makeup look for the season.
  19. Current favourites.
  20. Most used hair products.
  21. Monthly favourites.
  22. A film review.
  23. Your favourite books.
  24. How you clean your makeup brushes.
  25. Hauls.
  26. A general life update.
  27. A hard decision you have made.
  28. Favourite songs/artists.
  29. Blogs you must read.
  30. YouTubers you must watch.
  31. What makes you happy?
  32. How you take your Instagram/Blog pictures.
  33. How you organise/plan a blog post.
  34. Travel diaries.
  35. Things to do in the summer/winter/autumn/spring.
  36. What helps you de-stress.
  37. Plans for the future.
  38. A Q&A.
  39.  Makeup collection.
  40. Talk about something or an event that changed your life.
  41. An OOTD.
  42. Outfits to match the season.
  43. Trying out/reviewing new makeup.
  44. Book review.
  45. Talk about the makeup you wore when you were younger/your first makeup items and what you think of them now.
  46. Write about something you feel passionate about.
  47. How you keep healthy and fit.
  48. Your favourite bath products.
  49. Hair care routine.
  50. Current goals.
  51. How-to hairstyles.
  52. Morning/night routines.
  53. Favourite/most worn nail varnishes.
  54. Show off your collection of something.
  55. Talk about everything you’ve tried from Starbucks and what you normally order.
  56. Talk about a school project your’e proud of.
  57. Biggest achievement.
  58. Best day of your life.
  59. Most memorable moments.
  60. Places you want to visit.
  61. Life aspirations.
  62. Places you’ve visited.
  63. Talk about a risk you’ve taken.
  64. Best decision you’ve made in your life.
  65. Favourite childhood memories.
  66. Your skincare tips.
  67. Candle collection.
  68. Interview someone who inspires you.
  69. The most important lessons you’ve learnt in your life.
  70. 10 things you don’t know about me tag.
  71. Travel essentials.
  72. Share what you did over the week/weekend.
  73. Write a letter to your future/younger self.
  74. Fitness routine.
  75. DIY face masks.
  76. Favourite apps.
  77. Everyday makeup routine.
  78. Talk about strengths/weaknesses.
  79. Talk about someone who inspires you.
  80. Favourite affordable makeup.
  81. Room tour.
  82. Share your life hacks.
  83. How you spend your free time.
  84. Dream job.
  85. What you would like to achieve this week/month/year.
  86. Favourite TV shows.
  87. Favourite films.
  88. Things you couldn’t live without.
  89. Review specific products/product ranges.
  90. Write about things you love/things you hate.
  91. What’s on my phone.
  92. What’s in my bag.
  93. What you got for your birthday.
  94. Collaborate with other bloggers and ask each other questions.
  95. Makeup/fashion wishlist.
  96. Travel makeup essentials.
  97. Upcoming events in your life.
  98. Eye brow routine.
  99. My hobbies.
  100. Lipstick/eyeshadow/bronzer/highlight/foundation/concealer collection.

Hopefully you have found these useful and decide to do some of them yourself! I will definitely be doing some of these in the future so look out for those:)

Thank you for reading this bonus blog post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

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