Exam Revision Tips ♡

As exams are fast approaching I have been getting well in to my revision for my upcoming GCSE exams which start next month. I know that revision can be hard and feel worthless but it is definitely worth it in the end (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)! I have decided to share some of my revision tips to try and help those of you who may also be going through the revision process. 

Firstly, it is so important that you make a timetable to organise when you are going to revise and have breaks. I created my revision time table on the website https://getrevising.co.uk/. On this website you can enter how long you want to spend on each subject, when the exam is and other plans which you may have going on during the week. There are many other websites which you can use or you can even make one for yourself, however, this website worked best for me and I know a lot of my friends have also been using it.

I find that the most beneficial way of revising for me is writing notes. I decided to buy a notepad for every subject which I will have an exam in from my local supermarket. By having individual notepads for each I will stay more organised and will be able to take the notepads out with me to be able to revise on the go.

It is also very helpful to ask your teachers for a topic list of everything that you need to know for the exam. It’s so annoying when your’e stuck and don’t know what to revise and it’s even more annoying when you have revised things that didn’t need to be learnt. So I would definitely recommend that you email/ask your teachers.

Giving yourself breaks is so so so important when you are revising. Sitting and doing 3 hours of revision non-stop is not going to help you as your mind will be all over the place. I find it much easier doing 45 minute or 1 hour sessions then having breaks between sessions. It’s also not good to stay inside all of the time as you will start to feel as if you are imprisoned and confined.

A way to get out of revising at home all of the time is meeting up with friends. By meeting up at a cafe or a park you will no longer feel confined and you will be in a much better mindset. Whilst with your friends you can work together and help each other with topics you may not understand or just test each other.

Personally, a way that I revised for my year 10 exams was by using silly methods like making a song. Biology was something which I needed to remember a lot for so I made a song out of my notes and used it in the exam, it may have been silly but it did help!

To make my notes clear and easier to remember I use many different colours whilst writing out my revision. I feel as though this works for me and definitely helps me remembering certain points.


This tip is very obvious but past papers are so helpful, if you go on to the website of your exam board they should have a section filled with most of the past papers for the selected subject. These are a great way of testing yourself to see what sections you need help on and what parts of your revision have been successful.

Finally, remember that you can only do your best and you shouldn’t push yourself as it will not help you, keep doing your hobbies and meeting up with your friends/family as you deserve to have breaks. School and exams are important but they shouldn’t be taking over every aspect of your life.

I really hope that this post was beneficial to some of you and wish you luck for your exams (if you have them) if not then count yourself lucky haha!

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth ♡

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