Decluttering My Makeup ♡

Over time it is completely normal to go off products or even just buy something which turns out to be a disappointment so you hoard it in your draw for a few months. As my makeup draws had started to become very over-crowded and messy, I decided it was time to throw out the products I don’t like and those which are nearly all gone. 

The first product that I will be getting rid of is the W7 Banana Dreams loose powder, if you have read my products I hate post then you will already know how much I dislike this. However, I decided to keep it to give it a few lasts tries to see if it improved but it didn’t. This powder makes your makeup go very patchy and leaves orange marks on your face after it has been swept away, definitely don’t recommend!

Another product that I will be getting rid of is the Garnier BB Cream. I’ve had this product quite a while and have tried it out many times but have never got on with it well. Even though mine is in the shade light, it is was to dark and orangey. I much prefer a foundation or bb cream with a high/medium coverage, this definitely has a low coverage but some people may like to use this on a natural makeup day.


I will also be getting rid of the Technic Smooth It primer. I have had this for a very long time and have barely used any of it. It has a very thick consistency so whenever I applied it before foundation it would always make my foundation cake up and not apply nicely.

Another primer that I will be getting rid of is the Rimmel Fix & Perfect, I really liked this primer even though it didn’t make a massive difference in my makeup. The only reason I’m getting rid of this is because there is very little left and it has gone over its use by date.


A lipgloss which I will be getting rid of is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker. I was very intrigued by this when I found out about it as I had heard it was great for plumping your lips. I have used it many times but am not at all fussed on the colour and don’t think it makes much of a difference to how your lips look.

I will also be getting rid of the Technic BB Cream/Foundation. Unfortunately when the brand sent this to me to review (on my old blog) they sent me through the wrong shade so I have never been able to use this so it was just kept at the back of a draw.


Another product I will be getting rid of is the Autograph Rosie lipgloss. When I first saw the shade of this I was so excited to try it out, I applied it to my lips to realise that it didn’t actually give off any colour, it just created a clear gloss over your lips. As I am not the biggest fan of lipgloss I know I wont get any usage out of this.

The Maybelline Dream Velvet is another product which was mentioned in my products I hate post, I wanted to give it another try incase it worked better for my skin now that my skin has improved but it is still exactly the same; orangey and bad coverage.


Even though I have so much love for NYX products, I’m getting rid of the butter gloss as the shade is way too bright for me so it doesn’t suit me at all and I’m not a massive fan of lip glosses. For anyone wondering this is in the shade BLG03 Peaches and Cream.

Some other lip products which I will also be getting rid of are the Babylips in Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Strike A Rose. When these were a massive craze I used to love them but I have come to realise that they do nothing for your lips and none of the colours suit me.

The final 2 products which I am getting rid of are the Beauty UK lipsticks in the shades Gossip Girl and Naughty. Both of these shades are way too bright for me so I have never worn them out, I also find the smell of them really off-putting so hate having them on my lips at all.


Thank you for reading! I really enjoy reading these posts so I hope you have enjoyed reading my version. I’m not trying to offend anyone with my opinions of these products, if you love them then that’s great. Different products work for different people:)

If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate. I would also like to mention that my exams start this week so please bear with me as posts may not be up as often as usual.

Beth ♡

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