Anatomicals Review ♡

I love coming across new skincare brands as always have trouble finding good products for my skin. I stumbled across many posts on Instagram of people loving Anatomicals’ products so knew that I had to try some out myself. I was lucky enough to receive 6 products from the company, these being; the day and night spot stick, never lose your cherry lip balm, the memorably good daily moisturiser, the chocolate anti-stress mask, the tropical hydrating face mask and the apricot face scrub.

The Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser

Finding a good moisturiser which works for my skin has always proven difficult, however, I am so impressed by this one and it has already made it in to my daily routine! A very small amount goes a long way, one pump of this is enough to cover your whole face. Ever since using this I have noticed a massive difference in the oilyness of my skin, this moisturiser has reduced it so much and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. Even though this has a very thick consistency it applies really smoothly and feels light on the face, it also creates an amazing base before applying makeup on top. It has a very fresh/clean scent which isn’t too strong so adds to the effect of your face feeling clean. The price of this product is €7.50 and can be found here. I definitely recommend picking this up as I have noticed such a big difference, you definitely wont be disappointed!


The Day and Night Spot Stick 

I was so interested by this product when I first saw it as I had never seen a spot product for day and night usage. I have been using this every morning and night and have noticed quite a difference of the appearance of my spots. My skin has been pretty bad recently and using this has definitely helped, however, there are still a few spots remaining (obviously I can’t expect them to all disappear straight away though). When you have applied this you can tell straight away that something is happening as it tingles on your skin. I would definitely repurchase this in the future as it has made much more of a difference than other spot products I have tried. If you are interested this product is €5.00 and can be found here.


Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm

I’m always up for trying out new lip balms because my lips are always so dry so when I got this one I was very excited. This lip balm applies really nicely to the lips, doesn’t feel heavy and gives off the shiny look of lipgloss so would be perfect to wear out on its own. When wearing this product it definitely feels very moisturising and smooth. Unfortunately, I’m very picky with scents especially when they are quite strong so the only downfall to this product is that I find the cherry scent quite off-putting. However, if you are a fan of cherry scents, you will love this. This product is only €3.50 and can be found here.


Face Masks

I’m yet to try out any of these face masks because I am savouring them for when my exams are in full swing. I always find face masks really relaxing and they help me to unwind from everything I’ve crammed in to my brain that day. These will be especially helpful when all of my stress spots appear and will hopefully help my skin stay fresh and clean. Since I have not tried these out yet I can’t give my opinion on what they are like, however, I will be doing a review after trying them out sometime soon. All of the face masks are €2.00 each, you can find the chocolate one here, the apricot one here and the tropical one here.


Packaging and Company 

I think that the packaging of these products really make them stand out and make them very unique to other things in the skincare market. The bright colours, funky names and slogans all add to the products individuality which I think is very creative as it makes them memorable and recognisable. I think it is also important to mention that these products are not tested on animals.

I can definitely see myself buying more products from Anatomicals in the future and I definitely recommend that you do to!

I would like to thank Anatomicals for sending me these products to try out and review, I’m very grateful.

Disclaimer; even though these products were sent to me, all opinions mentioned are my own.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate. I would also like to thank everyone that has followed my blog, I can’t believe in under a year I have already reached 800+ followers.

Beth ♡

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