Sleek Contour Kit Review ♡

Contour is always something which I have never really included in my makeup routine but after recently being recommended to try out this Sleek kit by my friend, I have been contouring much more. I got mine from Boots for £6.99, it can be found online for cheaper and mine is in the shade medium.

The first thing I noticed about the contour shade when using it is that a little goes a long way, you barely have to use any product to get such a great result. I really love the way that this applies and it doesn’t cake up on top of foundation or powder. The shade medium is perfect for my skin tone. I would normally go for light when buying a bronzer or contour shade but found that the lighter kit looked too orangey and that it wouldn’t look right on me. I love the affect that this goes off, it gives my face much more definition and doesn’t make my face look completely flat. To apply this I get a small amount on a contour brush and apply it under my cheek bones then blend until it looks natural.

As for the highlight shade, I was a little disappointed. The colour of the highlight is nice but isn’t what I would usually go for because I prefer a lighter shade. The highlighter isn’t very pigmented at all and isn’t shimmery. It also has a lot of fallout when put on to the brush. When you apply it on to your cheeks, your skin does look highlighted but it doesn’t look like highlighter as it is not shimmery, you just get a lighter area on your face.

Another great thing about this product is the fact that it comes with a really good mirror and the size is quite compact so it is great for travelling.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette but only for the sake of the contour shade. However, you might be in to darker shades of highlight so this might work great for you. To find this product on Boots click here. 

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Sorry for no post last week, I have been very busy with exams but am still trying my best to upload.

Beth ♡

19 thoughts on “Sleek Contour Kit Review ♡

  1. Thank you for good review. I have Sleek blush in rose gold something like dupe for Nars Orgasm blush and it is very pigmented. I might check that contour duo. But it is a shame that higlighter isn’t that pigmented. But over all it looks like nice buy 🙂

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  2. Great review! I definitely agree about the contour shade. I have used their other palette that has contour, blush and highlight. While the contour and blush were fab the highlight was disappointing. Maybe its just their powder highlight as everyone raves about the cream highlight palette.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you agree! I’ve heard so many great things about the cream highlight so will definitely be trying that out. I’ve always wanted to try out their blushes too because everyone seems to love them x


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