Anatomicals Hydrating Face Mask Review

A while ago you may have seen that I received some products from Anatomicals and was yet to try out the face masks. Ever since then I have used the Hydrating Face mask and have decided to tell you what I thought of it.

The firs thing I noticed when applying this was how much product you are given inside one packet. This would definitely be enough to do at least 2 face masks so would be perfect to use with friends. The scent of this mask is AMAZING! It is so fresh smelling and feels so refreshing on your face.

I applied this all over my face then left it for around 20 minutes (which the packaging tells you to do). Whilst the mask was setting it didn’t make my face feel tight like some face masks do. After the 20 minutes I rinsed off the mask and my skin felt so smooth! I was so impressed.

My skin definitely felt more hydrated after using this so it definitely does its job well and does as it promises. I would definitely recommend this face mask to anyone, I feel as though is would work for all of the skin types. I’m now very excited to try out the 2 other masks that I got sent to see if they live up to the same quality. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see what I think of the 2 other masks after I have tried them out.

Updates on the previous products I talked about:

I’m still loving all of the other products that I got sent, the moisturiser and spot zapper are still included in my everyday skincare routine. If you would like to check out my review on all of the other products I got sent you can find it here. I have definitely noticed a difference in the oiliness of my skin ever since using the moisturiser so if you struggle with oily skin, you should definitely check it out.

Thank you for reading this post! Even though I got sent these products, all opinions are my own. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.


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