LA Girl Pro-Conceal Review

After seeing so many people rave about these concealers on Instagram I decided to order some from Beauty Bay. I had pretty good expectations for these yet I knew they weren’t going to be absolutely amazing because of their price (£5 on Beauty Bay but can be found much cheaper). As I’m very dissapointed with these 2 concealers I have decided to share with you why and warn you before you do buy them. 

When you first swatch these concealers the coverage looks pretty good, however, after you have applied this to your face and blend it out the coverage is awful, it almost as if you haven’t put anything on your face, it completely disappears.

The next reason why these concealers are so disappointing is because once they are blended out they not only leave no coverage, but they also go patchy and leaves strange marks and bits on your face. Every time I have used these concealers they have left weird bits under my eyes or wherever they are applied, it’s so annoying and means you have to take it and whatever is under it off and re-do a lot of your base.

Another really bad thing about these concealers is the colours. I have got ‘light ivory’ and ‘classic ivory’ and both shades are completely off. I’m always the shade ivory in all concealers and foundations yet both of these don’t match my skin at all. The light ivory shade has very strong yellow undertones and the classic ivory has very red undertones. Normally I don’t mind a slight undertone but they stand out way too much, hopefully you can tell this from the photos.


However, this is just my opinion and they may work great for other people. I know that many people love using the darker shades for contour but after having this experience with them, I do not think I will be buying any of these concealers again. However, I’m definitely willing to try out more products from LA Girl as many of their products look amazing so look out for reviews on them when I can get my hands on them!

Thank you for reading! If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.


31 thoughts on “LA Girl Pro-Conceal Review

  1. I definitely wanted to try the concealer because of all the reviews, but yeah as said above, oily skin and grease is a no lmao.
    I loved this entry. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space sometime?
    Mena | 🍃✨

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  2. Aw such a shame they didn’t work for you! I have porcelain and find it words really well, I have dry skin and particularly dry under eyes as well xx

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  3. I have my porculain and I love the coverage and only thing thst I don’t like is applicator but I use it first on my hand then on eyes. I love the coverage of mine. Maybe you should try porculain. Mine is super full coverage and none drying as I have very dry skin. I love the thickness of it and coverage power.

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