L’oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara Review

After seeing so many people talking about this mascara on YouTube I decided to pick it up for myself to see if it was worth the hype. I got mine from Boots for £7.99 and have decided to share my opinions with you today.

Firstly, I love the packaging of this mascara. The bulkiness is great as it means you can get a good hold of it and be precise with where you are putting it. I really like that the packaging is black, pink and pastel green as this makes it feel more summery and its very photogenic.

The thickness of the wand is not normally what I would go for as it is quite a lot bigger than some of my previous favourites. The wand is straight and the bristles twist around it, this really helps with how voluminous it is. The only way that I think the wand could be improved is if it was angled like the Maybelline Lash Sensational as this would make it easier to get to every lash.


The very first time I tried this mascara I was not disappointed at all, it definitely gave my eyelashes much more volume and lengthened them with barely any coats. I”m so impressed with how this looks and am so glad that I bought it. I definitely agree with many of the reviews that I have seen online.

This mascara does not smudge under my eyes (which many others do), its perfect for making your eyelashes stand out more and look longer and its very long lasting.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this mascara and definitely recommend that you try it out, hopefully it works just as well for you !

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