Why Matalan Jeans Are My Favourite…

Do you ever spend a lot of money on jeans and end up being dissapointed with them? I often used to feel that way but ever since buying Matalan jeans I’m much more comfortable and happy with the way my legs look in jeans.

I only like high-waisted jeans as I find them the most comfortable (plus these days so many tops are cropped that high waisted jeans stop your stomach from showing). I get the ‘Jessie High Waisted Jeans’ from Matalan, these are the best jeans I have ever bought and they are only £16 per pair.

In New Look, I used to buy jeans which were £26 and were definitely not worth that much money but since most people I know bought their jeans from there I would always go back there whenever I needed new jeans. The jeans that I have owned from there faded very quickly and even though they were the right size for my waist, they would always bunch up at my ankles and be baggy on my knees.

I have also tried Primark jeans before as they are so much cheaper than other places. When I got my size, they were perfect on my waist yet so short in the leg that half of my calf was showing.

This is the annoying thing with shops these days, they all have different sizes of the same size so it is so difficult finding the right product for you.

I have 2 pairs of the Jessie jeans from Matalan, in denim and black. So far I haven’t found any faults with them. They are the perfect fit! The waist is very comfortable as the material is stretchy, they don’t bunch up at my ankles and they are skinny for the whole leg so they aren’t baggy on my knees. As I have not has these jeans for a very long time I don’t yet know if they will fade like New Look jeans do, however, I know someone who also gets these jeans and they said that theirs don’t fade. As I will be starting A Levels in a few weeks, I will be wearing my own clothes every day so know I will be getting so much use out of these jeans.


In the pictures above I am wearing my black denim Jessie Jeans from Matalan (£16).

If you struggle with finding jeans which you love, feel comfortable in and are at a reasonable price, then you should definitely try out some Matalan jeans. Matalan also do many great products which I love, I’d definitely recommend looking at their website or going in to a store.

Thank you for reading! I really hope that this post was helpful to you. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.


(this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own)

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18 thoughts on “Why Matalan Jeans Are My Favourite…

  1. Ooh, I have a pair of pull-up jeans from Matalan and I wear them for absolutely everything. Their clothes seem to fit me so well. Cute photos too!

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  2. I’m in the same position as you and I don’t have the money to be buying £40 pairs from topshop which seem to be the only jeans that fit me properly. After reading this I’ll definitely be trying a pair on although Depop is also really good for buying jeans at less than half the price! 🙂 xx

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    1. Topshop jeans seem so overpriced & not worth it if they don’t fit properly, it’s so annoying:( you definitely should go try some out, they are the best jeans I’ve ever had! Ooo I never thought about looking on there, thanks for letting me know Xxx

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  3. These sound great! I only love high waisted jeans too and I love finding new ones to try. I recently got the Dorothy Perkins ones and I love them because they have belt loops too – they were around £24 but obviously you get student discount too! xx

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