Autumnal Homewear Haul

For each new season, I love to buy in a few small pieces for my bedroom to make it go along with the theme of the season. As it gets colder in autumn, it’s always nice to have more on display as it makes the room feel more cozy and warm. My room has a pink, white and copper theme so it is quite easy for me to add a few pieces as copper is very popular so can be found in many places.

The first thing which I bought to make my room more autumnal was the Essence candle in the scent ‘Autumn’. I had seen many other bloggers purchasing these from B&M Bargains so made a trip there myself to pick this one up. The shape of the candle is very similar to the ones from Bath & Body works, the only difference with this candle is that it was £4 and is much easier for people in the UK to get. It is a 2 wick candle which has a savoury, cinnamon smell, it isn’t too strong which I like but you often get strong wafts of it. For such an affordable price, I am very happy with this, I did try to pick up some more but unfortunately, they are very popular and all the scents I wanted were sold out.


Something else which I picked up for the month of October is 3 pumpkins. I large, classic orange one, a small white one and a orangey/green one. These all made a great display in my bedroom and added to the autumn aesthetic. They were all from Morrisons and were very affordable. The only bad thing about these is that they only last a month before starting to go soft but as I would only associate them with Halloween, I’m not bothered about having them all autumn.


The next item is a copper lantern from The Range with an orange candle inside (also from The Range). The lantern goes perfectly in my bedroom as the copper fits in perfectly with my colour scheme and the orange candle looks great next to the 3 pumpkins. The candle has quite a strong savoury smell which is very nice. Both of these were very affordable and The Range have some amazing autumn homewear for amazing prices.


Finally, the last decor I got for the autumn season is 2 copper pumpkins from Poundland. When I came across these, I knew I had to get them as they go very well with the theme and are great to put out for Halloween. Although these are not the best quality, they look great from far away and look even better with a candle inside.


Thank you for reading! I really hope that you liked this post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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