Christmas Gift Guide : Beauty Lover

As Christmas is quickly approaching, I have decided to do a series of posts about gift guides to do with certain types of people. It can sometimes be very difficult finding the right gift for somebody as there are so many different things/places to pick from. For this post, I have put together some ideas of what you could get a beauty lover. The prices range from low to high but are mainly found in the drugstore as they do some amazing gift sets. 

This year, Boots have some great gift sets out for really good prices. They also have a 3 for 2 deal on currently meaning you can get your cheapest item for free! I have already taken advantage of this as it is such a great deal and saves you money!

This year, Sleek have brought out a set which includes 4 of their liquid lipsticks, having already tried some of this range, I know that it would be the perfect gift for somebody as they have very good pigmentation, are very long lasting and the shades are lovely. This would be perfect for any makeup lover as it has a range of 4 shades so can go with many makeup looks and the products inside the set are amazing! This set costs £6 and can be found here.


Another gift set which would be perfect for a beauty lover is the Liz Earle Supercharge Your Glow which is £25. This set includes the classic Cleanse and Polish, a hot cloth cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and a Face Serum. Individually these products add up to a lot more than the cost of this set. I have tried a few products from Liz Earle and am obsessed with them. The Cleanse and Polish has been a staple product in my skincare routine for a very long time and I continue to love it. You can find this set here.  

liz earle

Benefit sets are a great Christmas gift to a beauty lover as who doesn’t love Benefit products??! A set that is being sold in Boots this year is the City Lights, Party Nights set, this comes with a full size brow product, a 3 minis of the Dandelion Twinkle, They’re Real Mascara and the They’re Real Liner. This would be great for someone who is starting in to makeup as it gives them the opportunity to try out some high-end products, however, I’m sure someone that has worn makeup for years would also really appreciate this gift. It is £24.50 at Boots and can be found here.


Another set which looks amazing from Boots this year is the Stila Written In The Stars Liquid Eyeshadow set. I have seen reviews of these all over Youtube and they look absolutely amazing! This set is £28 but the products inside, individually add up to a lot more than this. The shades are absolutely beautiful and I’m sure any beauty/makeup lover would be so happy with this. You can find this set here.


A classic and quite easy present for a beauty lover is a Soap and Glory set. When on the Boots website, I came across this set which includes 6 minis of their moisturisers, shower gels and scrubs. This set is priced at £16 which is good considering you get 6 products. This can be found here. Soap and Glory have some great products which have amazing smells, although this present is taking the easy route, I’m sure the person receiving it will still be very pleased!

soap and glory

Superdrug also have some amazing and affordable gift sets this year… many of them being from Revolution (as you will now see). I came across this Revolution Brush set which includes 9 different types of brushes in a gorgeous nude colour. As a beauty lover I know that you can never have too many brushes as once they get very old its always nice to have new, fresh ones. The Revolution brushes that I have previously tried are very good quality and getting 9 for £25 sounds like a very good deal to me! You can find this set here.


Another amazing Revolution set this year is the Ultimate Pro Collection 2017. This set includes 3 brushes, an eye shadow palette, a lip palette, a contour palette, a brow palette, eye primer and baked highlighters. You can get all of that for just £25! I think that this is such an amazing deal and so many people would love to receive this as a gift! You can find it here.

rev pro collection

The final Revolution set which looks absolutely amazing is the Pro Amplified 35 Eyeshadow palette Naked Golds. This set includes an eye shadow palette with 35 shades in it, 2 eye shadow brushes and eye primer. This set is only £15 and looks beautiful. The shades in the palette look like they could create so many looks and it includes a perfect ratio of shimmers and mattes. Click here to find this set.

rev 35 gold

The final set/gift idea from Superdrug is the Studio London Cosmetic Organiser. This is currently £12 on their website and would be the perfect gift to help somebody organise their makeup. I have seen these online for much higher prices so this is definitely a good find! If you would like to view this gift click here.


The last place where I found some great gift sets is Debenhams. All of these sets feature higher end brands but they are still (mostly) affordable. The first set I found is the Too Faced Under The Kissletoe set which is £22. This includes 2 of their Melted lipstick range( one being a Chocolate) , a Melted Latex and a Melted Matte. This would be great for someone who is looking to try out some new products as each of these is different in their own way. If you would like to view this set, click here.

too faced lip

The next 2 gift sets are from Kat Von D, the first being the London Calling Vol 2. This set includes a lipstick, their classic Tattoo liner and a liquid lipstick all for £19.50. This would be perfect for someone who is in to high end makeup and wants to venture out and try some new products. Click here to view this set.

kvd london calling

The next Kat Von D set is the Everlasting mini liquid lipstick set… this looks absolutely amazing!! It comes with 8 mini liquid lipsticks in a variation of different shades. After having tested some of these lipsticks before, I know how good they are so I’m sure this set is equally as great. The only downfall is the price, it is £42 but looks so worth it for what you get inside and is a very good option if you are looking to spoil somebody. Click here to find it.

kvd everlasting

The very final set in this gift guide is also from Debenhams and is the Urban Decay All Day All Night travel duo. If you have previously tried out an UD setting spray then you will also understand how good they are. This set would be perfect for any makeup over as the sprays make such a difference and really do help to keep your makeup on throughout they day. This set is £15 which is very reasonable considering they are high end and are usually more expensive when bought individually. Click here to view this set.

ud all day all night

I really, really hope that this gift guide was beneficial to you and gave you some help/ideas of what to buy for a makeup lover. Look out for more in this series as there is definitely more to come! Please let me know in the comments if this helped you in any way or what set you would most like to receive out of all of these sets! Also, sorry that these are not my own images, they had to be taken off’ the websites as I do not have enough money to actually go and buy all of these sets!

Thank you so much for reading! If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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