Christmas Gift Guide: Men

As we all know, men seem to be the hardest to buy for at Christmas time. To help you and give you some inspiration, I have put this gift guide together as I also struggle buying gifts for men!


This year, Boots have a massive selection of gifts for men which is amazing as it means you have a massive range to pick from and you can find something suitable for the man based on his interests.

Firstly, from Boots, I came across many Lynx sets. These are a classic and easy present to get a male but they do come in handy so you can be sure that it will get used. The first one I came across was the Lynx You Duo which is £5.60. In this set you get a full size body wash and a full size body spray. This is great value for money and makes a great present or stocking filler. Click here to view this set.

lynx you duo

The next Lynx set I came across is the Lynx You Wash Bag Set. This set includes a wash bag, a full size body spray and 2 full size body washes. This set is currently £10 which is very good for 3 products and makes a great, easy present. Click here to view this set.

lynx you washbag

The final Lynx set that I found is slightly more expensive but has a wow-factor to it. It is the Lynx Black Trio and Shower Speaker, this set costs £15 and contains a bluetooth shower speaker, a full size body spray, a full size shower gel and an antiperspirant. This is a great deal considering you are getting 3 full size products and the shower speaker and I’m sure any male would be happy to receive this gift. Click here to view the set.

lynx black trio speaker

Another fragrance themed set which I came across on the Boots website is the Jack Wills Body Spray Trio. This costs £12 and includes 3 full size body sprays of Jack Wills’ classic scents. Although this is a simple and easy gift, I’m sure a male would be happy to receive it as they are so useful. Click here to find this set.

jack wills

An amazing and very different gift idea that I came across is the Virtual Reality Transform Headset. Normally, these are very expensive but Boots are selling this gift for £20. This set works alongside a mobile phone and many free downloadable apps for the VR experience. This gift would also be great for a female who is interested in VR experiences. Click here to view this gift.


Another great gift idea is a portable charger as everyone can find use for one of these. They are so useful when on to go and Boots are currently selling one for £8.99. It is called the Jucie Tube Portable Charger and it is able to charge a phone fully. Click here to view this gift.

portable charger

I also came across the Sony MDR-ZX310AP On-Ear Headphones for just £22.99, these would make a perfect present as everyone can find use for some good quality headphones. The headphones also contain a built in microphone so can be used whilst on the phone to someone which is another bonus. To view these headphones, click here.

sony headphones

The final gift option that I came across on Boots is the Fitbit Alta HR in Black which is £109.99. Although this is an expensive gift idea, I’m sure that the person receiving it will be very grateful and will get a lot of usage out of it. It is definitely a great option if you are looking at spoiling someone! To view the Fitbit click here.



Amazon contains many great gift ideas for men, however, as Amazon sells such a wide variety of products, why not get them an Amazon gift card for them to be able to choose whatever they want? This is a perfect idea if you are completely stuck on what to get somebody!

A great gift option from Amazon is the Nicholas Winter 3 Piece Black / Silver Traditional Shaving Set In Stand. Gillette Mach 3 Compatible. This is a lovely gift idea as it looks quite luxury and expensive. The set contains a brush, a razor and a stand to keep it all on. It is currently £23.99 which is great for such a nice gift. To view this set, click here

shaving kit

If you know someone who is a coffee lover then you could get them the Monin Syrup Coffee Gift Set 5x5cl from Amazon. This set contains 5 different types of syrups for you to put in to coffee and is £8.64 which is a great deal. This set also gives someone the opportunity to try out new flavours which they may not have before. To view this syrup set, click here


Amazon also have many comedy/funny joke presents which are a perfect added extra to finish off someone’s gift. An idea that I came across is the Crap Jokes Toilet Roll which is £7.99. This is a great gift for a jokey person and you can find it here.

crap jokes


The final place that I looked for men’s gifts was Debenhams as they always have such a large variety!

A great gift idea that I came across is the Debenhams Sports – Black ‘Oh Great Socks Again’ novelty socks in a gift box because who doesn’t love socks for Christmas?! These are only £3.50 and could make the perfect addition to a gift or to be included in a stocking filler! Click here to view them.

jjoke socks

Another great gift idea is the Nandos Salt and Sauces set which is currently £11.20 as so many people love Nandos so why not try and make your own at home?! This set includes 2 large sauces, the tubes for the top of them and a small salt which is great value. To view this gift idea, click here.


Some other great gift ideas which can be found in a large range of places are: shirts, alcohol, fragrances, games, watches, wallets, pyjamas, underwear, slippers, hair products and much more.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that this gave you some ides of what you could gift to a man this Christmas (obviously many of these gifts could also be gifted to a woman but there will be a woman’s gift guide coming very soon!).

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Beth X


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  1. There are some really great ideas here! I think headphones are always a fab idea for men and I also love the idea of a Fitbit. I always struggle to find a ‘main’ present for my boyfriend and this is really helpful.
    Charlotte |

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