Christmas Stocking Fillers for Women (Under £5)

Doesn’t everybody love waking up on Christmas morning and opening all of the mini gifts in their stocking? It can sometimes be quite difficult finding affordable stocking fillers which the person will get use out of so I have put together this post full of ideas on what you could get someone to go in their stocking on a budget.


The first few stocking fillers that I have found are all from Superdrug as they do a massive range of different gifts at a range of prices. Firstly, a great stocking filler would be the Real Techniques Makeup Sponge. Being someone who wears makeup on a daily basis I know how fast makeup wearers go through these as you don’t want to be using a really dirty sponge to apply your makeup. This would be a great stocking filler as it can come in handy for so many people! It is currently £4.49 from Superdrug and can be found here.

beauty sponge

The next idea which I came across from Superdrug is the Baylis and Harding Body Set, they currently have a few of these in different scents which is great as you can pick a scent which the person you are buying for likes. These are currently £5 from Superdrug which is very affordable and you get 5 lovely different products within the set. Click here to find this set.

baylis and h

Another idea from Superdrug is the Sweet Snuggles Bath Caviar which is only £1. I love receiving gifts like this in my stocking as I can always get use out of them. This would be a perfect idea for someone who loves to pamper themselves and have lots of baths! Click here to view this product.

bath cavi

Another bath themed product which is from Superdrug is the Bubble T Cosmetics Big Bath Macaroon, this is a bath fizzer which infuses your bath water with lovely scents. This would be a great stocking filler for everyone because I’m sure the person receiving it will get use out of it as who doesn’t love having baths in the winter months? This is currently £2.31 and you can find it here.

bubble t

The next set which is also from Superdrug is the Studio London Nail Varnish set. This comes with 6 gorgeous shades of nail varnish and would make a great gift as everyone would be able to find a few shades which they would use. This set is currently £5 and you can find it here.

studio london

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop always have amazing deals on and who doesn’t absolutely love their products? Currently, on their website they have many shower gels which range from £2.50 to £5 depending on what scent and size you go for. These would make a perfect gift as you can find a scent suited towards the person you are buying for and it looks like you have made an effort. Click here to view the shower section on The Body Shops website. They do also have many other amazing gift ideas but they are mostly all above £5.

body shop


LUSH bath bombs are a classic and simple present which always seems to please. This year, they have introduced some new products which I’m sure any bath lover would like to receive. Firstly, they have Christmas Sweater. This bath bomb is red and has 2 white reindeer’s on it. The website says that it is a slow fizzer and gives off a spicy scent. This is £4.50 and can be found here.

lush c

The next bath bomb which would make a great stocking filler is the Butterbear. This is perfect for the winter season and is on the cheaper side for their products being £2.50. This smells amazing and is perfect if you are looking for a cheaper option. You can find this here.

lush b

The final LUSH bath bomb which would make an amazing gift is the Luxury Pud which is £4.50. I know so many people who love this because of the scent, the colours it produced in the bath and the size. As this is so big, the person receiving it will be able to get more than one use out of it by breaking it up. Click here to find this product.

lush l


Amazon has so many great options of stocking fillers. However, the 2 next items stated are classic stocking fillers which I receive most years and I love them because of how useful they are. The first option is the Garnier Micellar Water which they are currently selling for £5 (the full size 700ml one). These come in so handy as I go through them so fast when taking my makeup off every night so know that any makeup wearer would love to receive one of these. You can find this here. The next option is some type of facial wipes as these also come in very handy for taking makeup off. I found these YesToCoconut ones which look really good and I have heard many great reviews about their products. These are currently £3.99 and can be found here.

There are so many other options available which can be found in most shops. Some of these are: fluffy socks (Primark do great ones which are very affordable), chocolate/sweets, a candle, a notebook, stationary, a phone case, a book, a hair care product, a makeup product e.t.c.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that this post gave you some ideas of what to include in a stocking for a woman (these ideas could also be used for men). If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

(All images used are from the websites in which the products are on)

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