Revolution Conceal & Define Review

I recently came across the brand new Revolution ‘Conceal & Define full coverage conceal and contour’ concealers in Superdrug and decided to try them out after seeing SophDoesNails rave about them in one of her recent YouTube videos. After having tested and worn them many times already, I have decided to share my thoughts with you today.

Firstly, these concealers are only £4 each which is amazing for what you get from this product. On the Superdrug website, it appears that there are 18 different shades within this range which is amazing as it will hopefully fit everyone’s needs. I decided to pick up 2 shades as in my local Superdrug there wasn’t any testers so I had to take a guess. The shades which I got are C3 and C4.

Left – C4 – Right – C3

The first thing I noticed when opening up the product was that the applicator is massive! It is much bigger than any applicator I have used before (but have heard that it is very similar to the size of the Tarte Shape Tape which I have not tried). I love that it is so big because it makes applying the product so much faster and easier.


The first concealer which I tried out was the one in the shade C3 as I wanted to use a brightening concealer under my eyes. I loved how it applied and it blended really well with my concealer but I was slightly dissapointed with the coverage until I put on slightly more product and then it looked a bit better! This lasted me really well throughout the day but after getting home from sixth form and looking at my makeup, I did notice some slight creasing (which is quite normal for me and I seem to get it with most concealers). I always blend in my concealer using a beauty blender, however, I have also tried this concealer with a brush and didn’t like how it turned out, if you are using this then definitely go for a beauty sponge! I will insert a picture below of my using this concealer under my eyes, as you will be able to see, my under eyes still look quite dark (but they usually look worse).


The next concealer that I tried out was the shade C4, this one has impressed me quite a lot more than the previous shade but this could be because I use it for blemishes rather than to brighten my under eyes. Recently, my skin hasn’t been amazing so I was so pleased when using this to see that it covered my spots really well and also lasted really well around my nose area, normally (because of my oily skin), any product around my nose will move or come off when touching my skin but this lasted very well and I know that I will get so much usage out of this concealer. I found that this shade worked really well on my skin because it is quite a similar shade to the foundation which I am currently using which is the Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation in the shade 021 Havana Sand so they blend really nicely together when using a beauty blender. I also tried out this concealer with a brush and wan’t as impressed with the coverage so will stick to using a sponge application.

Overall, I can definitely see myself getting a lot of usage out of both of these products, however, I am more impressed with the shade for covering spots/redness as I feel that the coverage is much better and it is very long-lasting. I will definitely continue to use the brightening shade to see if I can become happier with its coverage. If you would like to view these products on the Superdrug website, click here. I’d definitely recommend you give them a try as for £4, they are great.

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X



23 thoughts on “Revolution Conceal & Define Review

  1. Loved this review, i picked these up the other week and got shade c6 which i thought was weird for me because i thought i’d have been lighter, again surprising for the good range of colours! I don’t normally use concelear but this is so so good and the best thing i’ve invested in for 2018. It blends so well and makes my skin look so so soft and ahhh its amazing haha!!

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  2. I’m hoping to pick this up soon as every review I see is positive. I did try my local superdrug but it was sold out of my shades. I use concealer quite often as I don’t like wearing foundation everyday so hopefully I’ll get the chance to try this out very soon.

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  3. There’s a lot of talk about this concealer atm! The applicator looks amazing…. I’m curious to try it, but I’m also hesitant. I tried the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer after reading all the hype, and my skin felt really dry wherever I applied it. I wonder how it compares at a similar price point…
    Nice post 🙂

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    1. Hmm that’s quite difficult because the lasting perfection has also worked quite well for my, however, I do have oily skin rather than dry so maybe you’re better off going for something more dewy xxx


      1. Concealer is a tricky one. I’ve tried some Bourjois ones that have a gorgeous formula and go on like a dream, but they crease quite quickly and don’t last very long. The hunt continues!

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