Another Makeup Declutter

If you have been reading my blog posts for a very long time then you may remember a post that I wrote which talked about products that I was getting rid of from my collection, as I have recently decluttered my collection again, I have decided to share with you what I will be getting rid of.

The first product that I will be getting rid of is the Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Foundation. This foundation is the complete wrong shade for me (015 Porcelain when I’m usually an Ivory shade) so I’m not sure why I bought it in the first place. I have held on to it because I didn’t want to waste it so tried mixing it in with darker foundations but have always struggled to get it to look right. However, there is nothing actually wrong with the foundation, it has good coverage and is quite long lasting but if you are going to buy it make sure that you check the shade first unlike me…


The next product that I will be getting rid of is the Seventeen Metallic Cream. I have never really loved cream highlighters or contour but decided to give this a go to see if it was any good. It has got good pigmentation but unfortunately is too pink toned for my liking and goes quite patchy when applied on the face. It is also quite dry in the pot so getting the product out isn’t the easiest. However, you may get along better with this if you are in to cream products.


The next product really dissapointed me, it is the NYX HD Concealer in the shade 02. I bought this a while ago to try out and every time I use it I am quite dissapointed. This is because when you go to blend it in there is basically no sign of it as the coverage is so bad. When I do use it, I have to apply loads of product which just leaves my face feeling cakey. It is also very pink toned which I feel adds a slight redness to my skin (which is what I’m trying to cover) and doesn’t have a very appealing scent. I have also noticed that it is quite oily, even the packaging is somehow quite sticky.


Another 2 products that I will be getting rid of are the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes in ‘In The Mood’ and ‘In The City’. These are good shadows for the price and are very affordable, however, I get very little usage out of them because I have many other palettes which are much better in quality and shade range. These would definitely be great for beginners in makeup as they are a great way of testing eye shadows.


Another face product that I am getting rid of is the Rimmel London BB Cream in the shade ‘light’. I have had this for a while but it has always been pushed to the back because I’ve never been very impressed with it, its fairly dark considering that it’s supposed to be light, gives very little coverage and it claims to be matte but I can see my oilyness straight away when using this. This would probably be best suited for people who are going for a low coverage, natural look.


This may come as quite a shock to some readers but I have never gotten on well with the LA Girl Pro Concealers, I have only tried 2 shades (light ivory and classic ivory) but they were the light ones and they were both too dark for me. When I use a brush or beauty blender to blend them in, I always come across little bits from the concealers which surely isn’t right? I may have just picked up faulty ones but because of this I could not see myself re purchasing them. However, many people love them so I must have just had faulty ones.


The next product that I will be getting rid of is the Maybelline Dream Sun bronzer. I bought this absolutely ages ago and it has just been sitting in my draws, the product itself isn’t bad but the scent is so off-putting that I rarely ever reach for this product. It also has a slight shimmer which I don’t really like in a bronzer but overall, the product isn’t bad aslong as you can look past the scent but I will be getting rid of it because someone else will be able to get more usage out of it than I will.


The next product that I am getting rid of is the Loreal Magique CC Cream for Anti-Redness, honestly, I don’t know why I have kept this for so long. I have quite red skin so bought this to try and reduce the visibility or that but instead this product, once blended oxidises so much and looks orange. I definitely wouldn’t recommend!


The final product that I will be getting rid of is the Seventeen Smoulder Gel Eyeliner. I have always not been good at eye liner but feel that this product makes it even harder to do. It is very difficult to get out because of the pot that its in and it is also very dry. When you are able to get some product out, it is basically grey and is so difficult to apply with any brush, overall, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Let me know in the comments below if any of these products work for you as I’d be interested to know!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I didn’t mean to offend anyone within this post and all of these brands mentioned do have good products, these are just a few that didn’t work for me but it is great if they worked for you!

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Beth X

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