Roller Lash VS Lash Sensation

Benefit’s Roller Lash and Maybelline’s Lash Sensational are two of the most loved and talked about mascaras ever, so today I have decided to put them to the test to see which one I prefer and whether you are better off spending more or less money (they have quite a price difference)!

Firstly, lets talk about the price of these products, the Lash Sensational is only £8.99 whereas, the Roller Lash is £20.50. This is quite a big price difference so I was intrigued to try them both out to see how they compare.

The Maybelline Lash Sensational has a curved and quite thick applicator which is made from plastic, I love the applicator of this as I always start by using the thinner side and then using the thicker side to add more length and volume. The ticker side is also great at getting to every eyelash. The only downfall to this applicator is the fact that I always seem to end up getting the product around my eyes. This mascara is great if you are wanting a lot of length and volume but if you add too many layers then it can become very clumpy and spider-looking. I also don’t like to use this on my lower lashes as it makes them too long for my liking, I usually would use something with a slightly thinner brush which isn’t as lengthening.

The Benefit Roller Lash is quite different to the Lash Sensational in my opinion, it has got a plastic applicator and is curved but the bristles are much smaller and the applicator is much thinner. I do really like how this mascara looks once applied, however, I do find it more difficult to apply as it doesn’t go on to all of your lashes as easily. It is not the most lengthening mascara and I tend to use this more on natural makeup days but it can easily be built up if you have the time to spend building it up. I much prefer to use this mascara for my lower lashes as the applicator makes it easier to apply without getting it everywhere and because it isn’t too lengthening, it doesn’t make your eyes look spidery. However, for the price you would expect this mascara to be a good all-rounder, not just something to use for your lower lashes.

Hopefully from this image you can see the difference between both applicators.

Both mascaras are black and the colour of them is good and long lasting. It also impressed me that both of them didn’t smudge under my eyes throughout the day (as many mascaras do).

Overall, the Maybelline Lash Sensational has to be my favourite out of the two and is definitely the one that I get more compliments on. It is also the cheaper option out of the two so you are getting a lot more for your money in my opinion. The biggest downfall to both of these products is that they are not cruelty free and I have recently decided that from now on I will only try to buy cruelty free products so cannot see myself re-purchasing them in the future as good as they may be but will finish off both products so that I am not wasting.

If you have any recommendations for any good, cruelty free mascaras then please let me know in the comments as I will be buying one soon!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X


21 thoughts on “Roller Lash VS Lash Sensation

      1. Me too! Rather than waste them I’ve just decided that I’m going to use them up and not re-purchase again as I guess that’s better than wasting! Such a shame though as the products are good:( xxx


  1. Rollerlash is better if you have straight lashes. It hooks and curls the lashes. I got a freebie with a magazine when it first came out and really liked it and bought the full size version. It’s pricey so it’s one I get when I have a voucher or spare Boots points! I am yet to try Lash Sensation.

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  2. There is a difference in the wand and application between the mini and full size. I actually prefer the full size version of Roller Lash than the mini – the applicator is better and you get all of your lashes.

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  3. I’m shocked that drugstore won against high-end, but as a loyal drugstore fan I’ll probably stick to lash sensational rather than invest in the roller lash. Love this post! x

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