Bath Photo Diary

Me and 2 of my friends recently took a trip to Bath, Somerset for a day out. Whilst we were there, we took many photos, ate food and did a little bit of shopping. We went on February the 24th so as you can imagine, it was very cold, especially because it is mostly all outside and quite a bit of walking. In this blog post, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite pictures that I took on the day, I hope that you enjoy…

A man pretending to be a statue in the street. 
There was a really lovely park which had some great photo opportunities. I’m pretty sure some parts of it followed an Alice In Wonderland theme. 




The Bath Abbey.
There were many, cute, small shops spotted around Bath. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go inside of the Roman Baths because it was very busy and you can sometimes get slight glimpses from the outside anyway. If you take a trip there then the main places that you should visit are: The Bath Abbey, The Royal Crescent, The Circus and the Canal (these were my favourite places out of where we went).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend making a trip to Bath, its a great day out and there’s so much to explore there. The architecture is all so aesthetically pleasing and there are some great sights. If you do decide to go soon then make sure to wrap up warm because its absolutely freezing, especially when you go near the water!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post, I know its a short one but I really like to feature some of my photography within this blog! If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

12 thoughts on “Bath Photo Diary

  1. Your photos look gorgeous I’ve always wantex to visit Bath and I want to go even more now I’ve seen that Alice in Wonderland themed park!

    Jess xx

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