What I’ve Been Loving Recently

Throughout the past few months, I have found many new things that I love, however, there hasn’t been enough to do an individual ‘favourites’ post for certain months. So I have kept these things in order for this post which contains things that I have been loving for the past few months.

Firstly, I will start with TV shows/movies that I have been loving. The first show that I’ve been watching recently is Dynasty which is on Netflix. To sum this show up is very hard but it is very dramatic from the very first episode and it’s impossible to get bored of because there is always something going on, I’d definitely recommend this to you if you are in to shows which tend to have a mystery aspect.


The next show (on Netflix) that I have been loving (and have finished already, oops) is Girls Incarcerated. This show is all about girls that are in Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility, it is a really interesting documentary and I’d definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys shows about crime.

girls incarcerated

The final thing that I have been loving to watch is the Twilight films, I have never seen any of them before but because of my love for The Vampire Diaries, I decided to watch them. So far, I have not finished all of them but have watched the first few and loved them (although they do have very cringe moments haha).


There are only 2 new makeup products that I have been loving recently and these are the Soph X Revolution Highlighting palette and the Nip + Fab Contour palette. I received both of these from a friend for my birthday in January and have been using them non-stop. They have both made it in to my daily routine.

The highlight palette by YouTuber ‘SophDoesNails’ is nothing like I’ve ever tried before, for only £8 you get such good pigmentation and 8 shades with good variety between them, some have big glitter particles whereas others give a slightly more natural look but are very build-able. The contour palette is currently £7.50 from Superdrug and you get 6 shades total which include 3 contour/bronzing shades, 2 setting powders and a highlight. My favourite shade to use is the contour shade on the far left (at the bottom) as it is not too intense and I also love the highlight on a natural makeup day.


A skincare item which I have been loving recently is the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray. I bought this a while ago after seeing some amazing reviews but have only recently started using it, so far I have actually noticed quite a difference in my skin (which is probably also helped by my skincare routine). This product also has a few uses such as priming your skin before makeup or using it after to set it in to place but I mostly use it with my skincare routine to make my skin feel more refreshed and clean. The small version of this is usually around £7 and the bigger one at £11 and you get a good amount of product for the price so I’d definitely recommend! I can’t wait to try out more skincare from this brand as I have heard many good things.


The final skincare item which I’ve been loving are the T-Zone Pore Strips. I have always struggled with blackheads and always get them on my nose no matter how hard I try to prevent them. However, these pore strips have been working really well for me and I have noticed quite a difference. They are very cheap (around £1.99 depending where you buy them from) and you get 6 in a pack. If you struggle with black heads then give these a go as they have worked better for me than anything else I’ve tried.


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post. Sorry for being quite inactive on my blog recently, I have been really struggling with finding things to write about and have been finding it hard balancing so much at the moment!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X


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