Spring 2018 Goals

I have recently seen a few other bloggers write posts about their goals for this Spring and found them really interesting so have decided to do a post about mine!

Firstly, this Spring I will be sitting my A Level exams for first year. I’m very lucky that I’ll only have 2 exams in May as I know many people that have more than me, however, all of my coursework is currently being marked or is due in very soon so that is why I have been slacking a bit on my blog etc. My main goal for this Spring is to do well in these exams and to feel confident going in to them, I know that to do this, I will have to put in a lot of revision but I’m sure that I will hopefully be ok. If you are also in the same situation as me and have exams coming up, then good luck, you’ve got this!

Another goal for this Spring is to improve more on my driving and practice more. This may mean going out with my parents as I will still continue to be having lessons with my instructor. Another driving related goal is that I can pass my theory test within the Spring so that I will be able to do my practical test within the summer months.

A blogging related goal that I have throughout Spring is that I am able to be posting atleast once a week. I’m hoping that around exam time I will have pre-written some posts so that I don’t miss an upload but this may be difficult and will all depend on my stress levels at the time.

Something which I will need to start looking at during the months of Spring are Universities and different courses so that I can apply to go to open days and gain more knowledge about what it is that I want to do, so another goal is to spend time looking through these things and getting ideas gathered to help prepare myself.

Finally, I would love to go on more day trips within Spring as there are so many places that I want to visit, I recently went to Bath and had a great time so would love to go to more places like that. This would also be very beneficial to my photography A Level as new places mean new things to photograph!

Thank you so much for reading, let me know some of your Spring goals in the comments below! If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X


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