My Driving Experience So Far

As some of you may be aware (if you read my general life chat post), I have started my driving lessons. As I am writing this, I have currently completed 15 hours and thought that I’d share with you how it has been going as I know that many other people will also be starting lessons soon/have already.

Before my first lesson I was SO nervous. I had got myself so worked up because I had never even sat in the drivers seat, let alone drive a car. I explained to my instructor that I had had no previous experience and he was very understanding and explained everything to me really well and in depth. I have got a male driving instructor and at first I was looking at going with a female as I thought they would be more understanding (I know that many other people share this same opinion), but having heard some great reviews about the one I learn with, I decided to go for it and I’m glad that I did because so far its going really well.

I do my lessons in 2 hour sessions as this will enable me to learn and pass faster and it means that I have longer to be able to go over new things that I have been taught in that lesson. For a 2 hour lesson I pay £46 which works out to be £23 an hour.

At first, I thought that I would never get the hang of it because there is so much to do all at once, but the best thing to remember is that everybody has to start somewhere and you need to push yourself to keep trying. I’m quite lucky that I don’t have lessons in sixth form on a Friday morning so I take my driving lessons then which is good because the streets aren’t too busy.

Currently, I have been taught all of the manoeuvres which you need to know for the test and will be spending all future lessons going over these and perfecting them ready for my test. However, the test has very recently changed so they have taken off parts such as 3 point turns and reversing round a corner, these are both things that I think will be useful so I have asked my instructor to teach me them, you need to make sure that you speak up within your lessons if you want extra help or to go back over something as it definitely helps.

I am yet to take my theory test but am going to be doing it very soon, to revise for this, I am using the official DVSA theory test kit which can be found on the app store for £4.99, this app includes all of the topics you need to know, tests and a section which is all about hazard perception. So far, I have found it very useful and helpful. (Everyone will tell you this) I’d definitely recommend getting your theory done as soon as possible because without passing this, you cannot book your practical test.

Overall, although driving can be very stressful, it is definitely worth learning in my opinion as it will benefit me so much and will mean that I do not have to be reliant on my parents constantly giving me lifts. If you are about to start lessons or take your test etc then good luck and I’m sure you will be completely fine, just stay as calm as possible! Hopefully, when I pass my test I will do an update post on some tips about the actual tests, let me know in the comments if you would like to see that!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

18 thoughts on “My Driving Experience So Far

    1. Thanks so much El! It is quite nerve wracking at first but just go into it with no expectations as it’s so different to what I thought! I’m sure you’ll be amazing and your instructor will understand no matter what Xx

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  1. i am so glad to hear of your progress 🙂 i’ve also changed my instructor and having 1 hour and a half lesson each week sometimes a break of fortnight to three weeks, but I’m determined to progress and get better with time. X

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    1. Thank you! That sounds really good, I definitely think it’s a good idea to take your time so that you know you are a safe and good driver! I’m glad to know that you’re feeling more confident about it Xx

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  2. Driving can be super stressful, i used to absolutely dread my lessons but it does get so mch easier. I know it’s weird to say but I felt a lot more confident on my test as it’s pretty short and you know that they don’t expect you to be perfect x

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  3. I did my first few lessons almost 2 years ago now…I was so stressed that I’d finish my lesson at my work and my hands would be in cramp because I’d be gripping the steering wheel so hard 😂
    I definitely want to start doing them again but think I’ll look for a different instructor. I only had 3 lessons and he was leaving me alone too much, not telling me when to change the gears etc when I had told him I didn’t yet understand the gears and when they need to be changed 😂

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    1. Awhh that’s so gutting that it didn’t work out! But I definitely think that changing your instructor sounds like a good idea as your original one doesn’t sound good if they weren’t giving you enough help!! Goodluck for your future lessons though, I hope they go better Xxx


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