LONDON TRIP (06/04/18)

Me and 2 of my friends recently took a trip to London as we’ve all wanted to go together for the longest time and thought it would be a great opportunity to take photos for our photography A Level that we all do.

To get to London we took the Megabus from our nearest stop in Cardiff at 7:10am, although it was a very early start to the day, it was worth it as it meant we arrived in London, Victoria for 11:10am, so the journey overall took around 4 hours which went reasonably fast as we managed to sleep on the way.

When arriving in Victoria, we then had a quick stop-off at a coffee shop and headed to the underground. This was the very first time that I had gone to London without my parents/an adult so I was pretty nervous about going on the underground but it actually turned out completely fine and we didn’t get lost. Before going on the trip, we had planned to visit Gods Own Junkyard as the atmosphere there fits in very well with my photography a level theme this year. So we decided to head there straight away as it’s not the easiest place to find as it’s on one of the last underground stops, however, we found it completely fine. When arriving in God’s Own Junkyard, we were greeted by all of the amazing neon signs, it was absolutely crazy and such a good experience. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to use my DSLR camera inside because they have very strict rules about cameras so used my phone instead and am still very pleased at how my photos have turned out! We spent a good hour and a bit taking photos and having a look around the building and then went to the cafe which is also inside of the building. They had a really big menu with many options for everyone, I had a mozzarella, tomato and pesto ciabatta (which sadly I didn’t take a picture of) but it was amazing and my friends also really enjoyed their food. Overall, God’s Own Junkyard is definitely a place I would recommend visiting when in London, I can definitely see myself going again and if you do decide to go then just make sure to use Google Maps or a maps app to help you find it as it’s pretty hidden! I have included below some of the unedited images that I took when on the trip:)

After that, we headed back in to central London and got off the tube at Oxford Circus, we went in to a few shops and bought some clothes in the sales but everywhere was so busy that after a while we decided to just go and explore some more places. We also took a trip over to China town for my friend to take some pictures for her Art a level and to have a look in the shops around there. At first, we wanted to get some Chinese food for our tea/dinner but having looked at the menus, we decided it was a little over priced (I guess you have to expect that in London) so instead we went to TGI Fridays as we knew it would end up cheaper.

We were really lucky with the weather on the day we visited and it was around 17 degrees during the day and as most places were very busy, we took a trip to Soho Square so that we could rest our feet for a while and take advantage of the sun. All of the buildings and architecture around the square was amazing and the area overall had such a great atmosphere, it was full of people who were also appreciating the weather and chatting with their friends.

Finally, to get home, we had a little bit of hassle with the bus service from Victoria bus station as we couldn’t quite find it at first and then when we got there, our bus was supposed to arrive at the same time as another at the same stop so we mistakenly walked up to the Bristol bus and luckily they told us that it was the wrong one. Our bus was slightly delayed but it didn’t take long to arrive, we headed back to Cardiff at 7:00pm and arrived back at around 10:35pm. This journey went very fast as we were all able to sleep as London is very tiring and after a full, long day there you just want to get home! The Megabus experience was not bad at all, it wasn’t too overcrowded and both ways, me and my two friends were able to sit in the same isle, it also had quite comfortable seats and USB ports so that you could charge your electronics. We ended up paying around £20 each for a bus tickets their and back which was much cheaper than getting a train so we were pleased.

Overall, I had such a good day and would definitely do it again. It was not stressful at all and we all handled ourselves well. I will definitely be returning to God’s Own Junkyard in the future as it was incredible and unique.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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  1. I would love to take a trip to London with my friends! Great post, beautiful photos. My latest post is all about my new iPhone X, check out what’s on it!😊📲 —

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