Travel Bucketlist

Being stuck in Wales on a rainy day like most others in the UK, it had got me thinking of all of the other places in the world which I would love to visit some day throughout my lifetime. The place that is currently at the top of my bucket list is New York. I have wanted to go for many years now as everyone that goes says that it is amazing and there are so many places there that I would love to explore. Another big influence on why I want to visit is because of Gossip Girl, it is one of my favourite TV shows and it shows many of the different places around New York which all look absolutely incredible.

Another place that I would love to visit is Hawaii, there are so many gorgeous beaches and the sea there looks so blue and clean. I also think that it is a really interesting place because of all of the volcanoes and the culture. The only thing that puts me off going there is the fact that it is such a long flight, however, it would be worth it for the experience!


Next up on my list is Amsterdam. This is another place that I have wanted to visit for the longest time, I would especially love to go in the Spring when all of the flowers start to bloom as every photo of them looks amazing. I love how unique all of the buildings look and would love to go for a bike/boat ride around all of the towns and to visit all of the main attractions there.


Another place in Europe that I would love to visit is Santorini in Greece, the architecture always looks incredible in all of the pictures that I have seen and the water looks so blue and clean. I would also love the opportunity to try some classic Greek food as I have not tried any before so it would be a great experience!

I’d also love to be able to visit Toronto in Canada as Canada is somewhere that I have never been before and all of the buildings, attractions, restaurants and shopping areas look amazing (of course shopping is something which has to be considered with many holidays haha). Whilst in Canada, I’d also love to make a trip to Niagara Falls as it looks amazing and would be a once in a life time experience.

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Iceland is another place which looks gorgeous, especially the northern lights as this would also be a once in a life time experience which would be unforgettable. From pictures Iceland looks really interesting and there seems to be a lot to explore.


Somewhere in the UK that I would love to visit some day is Scotland. It looks so peaceful and the landscapes are amazing as you tend to be surrounded by mountains or the countryside. I think it would also be really interesting to explore the culture there and try some classic Scottish food!


Although Australia would be a very long flight, I would absolutely love to visit Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. All of these places have amazing architecture, great weather, and so many things to do and see. The beaches also look incredible there with the same blue waters as Hawaii and Greece. However, my only turn off would be the massive spiders/snakes which Australia is known for.


There are so many other places that I would love to visit but there are far too many to be able to fit all in to one post! I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post!

Let me know in the comments below some places that you really want to visit.

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

22 thoughts on “Travel Bucketlist

  1. New York and Amsterdam are places I’d love to go too! I’ve been to Crete in Greece and although I’ve never been to Santorini it’s just as beautiful! I’m planning on going to Scotland (specifically Edinburgh) this summer with my boyfriend and I’m hoping it happens!! Love this different sort of post from you xx

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    1. Don’t they just look incredible!! Hopefully one day haha😂 everywhere in Greece looks amazing to be honest and I hope you have the best time, I’ll be expecting posts about it when you’re back haha!! Thank you so much Xxx

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  2. Greece is like the number one place id like to go. I see so many people go on holiday there and im super jealous. Id also love to go to Tokyo or Seoul because of the culture shock id get, i live in the countryside and Id love to visit a huge city like Tokyo. Great post xx

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  3. Heey! Since I am from Greece I feel obligated to comment :p
    Santorini is pure magic! Been there twice and of course I would love to go back! I was born and raised on another cycladic island though, Syros.
    The beaches of Santorini are not the sandy paradises you would imagine because of the volcano, there are all with black stones, another type of beauty.
    For sandy beaches in Greece I would suggest checking out something else.
    Something like a “cruise-type”, spending for example two days in Santorini and two days in Paros would be swell!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! That’s so cool that you live in Greece, I’m so jealous! Thanks so much for that recommendation, I’ll definitely consider that if I do ever come to visit😊x

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