Photography A Level Experience

As I am now coming to the end of my first year of A Levels, I thought it would be interesting to do a talk through of Photography as a subject because I love seeing other peoples work and seeing the topics that they have chosen. 

For my year, photography as a subject has been quite messy, there was a few issues with teachers and them not being able to make it to lessons but the school finally sorted it out and got us a really great teacher who really knows what she is doing. However, the communication wasn’t great with the previous teachers so there were some things that we missed out!

We started off the year studying ‘Close Up’ photography which generally consisted of nature (flowers, leaves, grass) but also of buildings and tiny details. For this topic, we took a lot of pictures around the school and also did a small trip to Roath Park (which most of you readers won’t know of  haha). I did enjoy this topic, however, we did spend a lot of time doing it and as I was new to the photography subject I wasn’t very experimental.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from this topic:

saturated flowerup close flower

Next, we moved on to the topic of ‘Film Noir’ which was quite different as I had never experimented with a theme like this one before and it was quite difficult to think of good ideas under this topic. Me and 2 of my friends all helped each other out with the shoots as it wasn’t the easiest but we got there in the end after a few trial shoots. With a topic like this, everything is edited to be very dramatic and dark which means that the film image isn’t very interesting, however, we were also set the task of making one of our images in to a film poster which I really enjoyed doing as it was very different. Whilst doing this, we also had to find some ‘Masquerade’ photographers and create some work similar to theirs so I did some work inspired by John Stezaker which turned out quite interesting. However, we were supposed to branch out more on this topic but because of the bad communication, we did not have enough time to.

Here are a few images from this topic:


I find it really funny how alike me and my sister look in that final image which was the one inspired by John Stezaker because I usually don’t see it.

Finally, we were allowed to branch off fully and choose our own topic for a personal project which then completed the course. The topic that I chose was ‘lights’ as I have loved Brandon Woelfel’s work for the longest time and was desperate to use his work as inspiration for my own project but add my own twist to it. My first few shoots weren’t massively successful but as the project came further along, I experimented more when taking and editing the photos ad I’m really happy with how they have turned out. I followed Brandon’s blue atmospheric theme but made my images dark whereas he tends to make them quite light. I also did some shoots with sparklers and fairy lights just how he does and after doing 6 shoots, I chose 4 of my final images to put up for my display which I will show you below.


I’m aware that this post will not be interesting to many people if you do not have an interest in photography but thank you for reading if you have come this far!

P.s. Thank you Charlie and Taran (if you’re reading this) for being my models throughout!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post and having a look in to my photography coursework for my first year of A Levels. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

16 thoughts on “Photography A Level Experience

      1. No, even if they did do it, I wouldn’t choose it because of the teachers. They’ve ruined my love for art and a few other subjects too x

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  1. Hey Beth! Your photography is so amazing and I can’t wait until I can start doing these things! I am in Year 9 so I have a while to go aha! I spent like 10 mins just staring at all your pics and wondering how you managed to do that?!
    Ella xx 🌟💐

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