Summer Lipstick Picks / Collab with Ana’sLilBlog

Me and Ana from Ana’s Lil Blog had the idea of doing a collab post together about out summer lip picks. Ana is a lot more experimental with makeup than me so her post is going to revolve around her bold summer lip picks whereas mine is to do with my favourite nude shades! Please click here to check out Ana’s blog and give her a follow, her posts are amazing!

My first pick will be expected if you often read my posts, it is the Revolution lipstick in the shade ‘Chauffeur’. I have been obsessed with this since I bought it and use it all the time. It has an amazing, creamy formula which doesn’t transfer much and is very long lasting. It isn’t a fully nude colour as it is more of a pink-brown mix but I love it and it pairs so well with any makeup look. For only £3, I cannot recommend Revolution lipsticks enough.


My next pick is something very different for me, it is the Essence XXXL Nude lipgloss in the shade ’06 Soft Almond’, I don’t often wear lipgloss as I can find it quite annoying, especially when my hair gets stuck in it, however, I decided to give this one a try as the shade is lovely and subtle. I really like the formula of this and don’t find it overly sticky (like others that I have tried), it also gives off a really nice pinky colour when applied. It works well on top of other lip products or just by itself and I feel that it can really finish off a makeup look. The price ranges depending on where you buy it from but I got mind for around £2 which is amazing for a really good product, I’d definitely recommend.


Another nude lipstick that I will be using a lot within the summer months is the Stila liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Perla’. I got this mini version quite a while ago and it surprisingly contains a lot of product! It is quite a dark toned pinky nude and it applies really nicely on to the lips. The only downfall to this product within the summer months is that it is quite drying and I tend to edge towards creamy formulas when its hot weather. However, it would definitely finish off a look and go well with many eye shadow shades. The full size product costs £16 which is on the higher end, but if you think you’ll get usage out of the shade then you should go for it.


My next summer pick is also something quite different for me, it is the Pixi by Petra lip lift max in the shade ‘Honey Sheen’, at first when getting this product, I was expecting it to be a metallic lip topper as that how it appears through the packaging, however, it is actually a lip plumper / gloss. It has quite a strong minty scent and has small specks of glitter in it so if you aren’t a fan of that then you will not like this, however, I really like using it as it does add a good amount of shine to your lips at the same time as plumping them! The full size of this retails for £12 which I think is definitely worth it.


My final lip pick for summer is the MUA Matte lipstick in the shade ‘Fawn Fancy’, this is a very autumnal shade but I think it will also look nice in the summer. The shade is quite similar to the Revolution one as it is a pink toned brown however, this one is a matte so they look quite different when applied. You get a lot of product in this tube and it is very affordable costing around £1 depending on where you buy it from, its definitely worth trying for such a cheap price.


Overall, I can’t wait to wear all of these lipsticks in the summer and I’m very excited to see the lipsticks that Ana picks out in her post, I will hopefully take some inspiration and maybe try out some bold lips from her recommendation as I’d love to experiment more.

Thank you again to Ana for collabing with me on this post, we should definitely do it again sometime, please make sure to follow her and check out her version of this post!

All lip products mentioned within this post are cruelty free (to my knowledge) incase anyone is wondering.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X


10 thoughts on “Summer Lipstick Picks / Collab with Ana’sLilBlog

  1. Loved this post! Have never tried any of these so 100% will! Photography amazing as always too 🤗 Loved doing our collab, can’t wait to do more ❤

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  2. I love the revolution lipstick you showed first and I really want to try one by mua and a lipgloss by pixi! I have a lipbalm from pixi and I would really recommend you trying one as they are soooo tinted and beautifully matte. Definitely worth it xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo I didn’t actually know that they did lip balms! Will definitely have to give one a try:) thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment, it means a lot xxxx


  3. I’ve always heard really good things about the Makeup Revolution Chauffeur, I have just got the 3 lipsticks in collaboration with Sophdoesnails and I’m guessing its a similar kind of thing. I only ever really wear nude lipsticks when I can be bothered to wear makeup, so i might go and pick this one up.

    Katie xx

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