Advice on Being a Blogger

Starting up a blog can be a very daunting thing, when I decided to go solo with my blog, I was nervous that I would get no followers and wouldn’t know what I was doing because I wasn’t used to WordPress as my old blog which was shared with a friend was all on Blogger. For today’s post I thought it would be a nice idea to share some advice with you incase you want to further the success of your blog or start one up!

My first piece of advice would be that WordPress is definitely the easiest blog site to go with and I know so many people that have also made the transfer on to here because it opens so many doors. It has got some amazing, free designs/layouts which are perfect for when starting up a blog. It also has a ‘discover’ setting so that you can find similar blogs to yours to follow and it also allows you to see all of the blogs that you follow posts in a feed which I find so handy as it means that I am constantly being kept up to date.

Another piece of advice that I’d give is that Twitter is the best platform for you if you are a blogger. It enables you to interact so much more with others (and possibly create blogger best friends like I have with Ellie) and to really get your posts out there by using hashtags like #blog #blogger #beauty #lifestyle. You can also join in on comment threads where you post your recent blog and people will comment on it and you will return. Finally, on Twitter you can also mention accounts which have the purpose of RT’ing peoples posts, this is really helpful and I always tend to see a higher number of views when doing this.

A lot of bloggers have recently been branching out in the world of Pinterest, I have loved Pinterest for a while now but personally, I do not know how to use it to promote my blog other than sharing images from blog posts with links to the post in, if anyone does have any advice on this then please comment it below!

Another piece of advice that I would give is that you should try and upload at least once a week, this is what I am doing currently because I find it quite hard to balance being in sixth form with my blog but within the summer months I always put in much more effort and time. What I mean by this point is, try and have a schedule that you keep to so that your readers know when a new post will be or how many to expect that week.

I feel the need to mention Instagram in this post as I know that many bloggers still use it to get their posts more recognition. These days, I tend to use my account to just post on my story whenever a new blog post has gone up, generally around 150 people see it when I have over 8,000 followers which makes it seem so un-worthwhile because of the algorithm that they now have. So my advice would be to still post on there but try not to be too dissapointed if you don’t grow much or gain many views because we are all also struggling too.

My final piece of advice would be to not compare yourself to other bloggers. It can be very easy to get in to a slump when you see others doing so well, gaining loads of followers and getting sponsored blog posts but instead of being down about it, use it as your motive to keep working at it and hopefully reach this goal. I also think there are many expectations of bloggers like the classic marble background or using fake flowers, you don’t have to use/have these things in order to be a good blogger, when you are happy with the content that you are producing, it really reflects in the quality of the post!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that this was helpful. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

26 thoughts on “Advice on Being a Blogger

      1. You should totally take it! I’m loving the flexibility and control i have over my blog! If you want, I could guide you through the whole setup/transfer/any other questions too! x

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  1. Great tips Beth. I’ve put more effort into Pinterest and had an account makeover (post coming soon abouot it) and ‘ve seen a big difference – it’s about how much effort you put into your social media accounts – except Instagram and the dreaded algorithm!!

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  2. Twitter is the best place to make blogger besties, thank you for the lil mention❤❤ but when I first started blogging I wish i had this advice, you’ve mentioned all the important stuff and I hope this helps people wanting to start blogging!!💜💜

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  3. Thanks for these tips! I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and still feel I have no idea sometimes! Twitter has definitely helped me gain traffic a lot… I too have no idea how to use pinterest to promo my posts, if you find any info let me know! xx

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  4. I really love these tips Beth! I have had a Twitter before and was kind of let down. However, I have been thinking of restarting one. A tip that really hit me was to not compare yourself to other bloggers. I recently took a break before my trip because I was in a bad place and just thought of stopping my blog. I could not get the recognition that everyone was getting. My stats were getting lower by days then months, so I got over it. Well I’m glad to say I got out of it and is happy as of now.

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    1. I’m so glad that they were useful! I’d definitely recommend starting up your Twitter again as it really does make a difference! Awh I’m so sorry to hear that you went through a bad time but I’m so glad to know that you are back on track, you can always message me if you need someone to talk to x

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  5. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been struggling to keep momentum with mine, creating several posts in s short space of time as then going months with nothing. Will definitely take these tips on board and get back into it! Thanks

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