Q&A : blogger drama, meeting bloggers and dream jobs

As I’ve never done one of these posts before I decided that now it was about time! I tweeted out on my Twitter asking for some questions so I have picked my favourites to answer in this post. Thank you to everyone that sent in a question!

@anaslilblog asked : If you could go for coffee with 5 of your favourite fellow bloggers to have a chat with, who would you pick? 

I have so many favourite bloggers that I’d love to meet and chat with but I’d probably choose, yourself, Ana as you’re such an amazing friend and we have so much in common, I’d also choose Ellie (from TheDiaryOfEllie), Chloe (from ChloeBeesLife), Mia (from BlogMiaBlog) and Amelia (from itsmeexx) as I feel like we would all get on so well and have a fab time.

@Juliet_Ly  asked : What is your favourite quote? 

I wouldn’t say that there is one specific quote that is my favourite because there are so many but the one I’ve always gone by on my blog is ‘Enjoy Every Moment’ because I love how positive it is and feel I need to remind myself of it from time to time.

@CaitllinLCasey asked : If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

This is a really hard question for me as there are so many places that I’d love to live, one of these being Florida and another being New York. Florida has always been my happy place and going on holiday there is the best feeling ever but living there may be quite different and New York is somewhere that I have never been to but I am desperate to go and know that there would be many marketing opportunities over there and this is the career that I would love to go in to one day.

@thediaryofellie asked : What are your opinions on unnecessary drama in the blogging community? 

I always seem to come across drama between bloggers on my timeline which is so saddening because at the end of the day we all share this hobby and it would be amazing if we could all just get on. I try not to get involved in any drama where possible but if I see something that is uncalled for or too far then I am most likely going to say something without stooping to their level. I guess drama will happen in mostly every situation because its like being at school, not everyone will get along because everyone has such different opinions but personally, I try my best to stay out of it.

@a_blogger2017 asked : What is your favourite blog post that you have published? 

This is also a really difficult question because there are quite a few that I’m really proud of. My favourite beauty post is probably either my blogger box swap with Ellie or my recent PIXI skincare review because I was so amazed that PIXI wanted to work with me by sending me some products to try out. My favourite lifestyle post is my university opinion one as it was quite a personal post and it seemed to go down really well!

@BloggerOrdinary asked : What’s your dream job? 

I am currently looking in to do a degree in marketing so I would hope that when I leave university, I will be able to get a job within this sector. However, my absolute dream job would be to be a blogger full time as this is my favourite hobby and I’d love to be able to invest all of my time in to it.

@blogmiablog asked : Average blog views? and dream brand to work with? 

On average, within the first week of uploading a new post, it gets around 150 views but this will normally depend on which day I upload and the content of the post.

My dream brand to work with is Revolution because they are an amazing, affordable, cruelty free brand and I love all of their products that I have tried out, especially their lipsticks which you’ll know if you are a regular reader!


Thank you so much for all of the questions and thank you for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

8 thoughts on “Q&A : blogger drama, meeting bloggers and dream jobs

  1. Aww I loved this post! I’m glad you would want to go for a coffee (well tea for me) as we definitely have to do this one day! I loved seeing your other answers too – I always say it, but you should be so proud of your blog and the content. You have such big things ahead of you gal (like a collab with brands like Revolution, I’m sure!) ❤

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