Review : Soph X Revolution Lipsticks

When I saw that Soph from SophDoesNails on YouTube was bringing out lipsticks with Revolution, I was so excited! You may have seen in my blogger box swap with Ellie that she kindly gifted me the eye shadow palette as I had wanted it for ages and use it almost every time I wear makeup and if you’ve read my previous posts you will know I’m obsessed with their lipstick in ‘Chauffeur’ so could’t wait to get my hands on these.

After many attempts to find these lipsticks in my local Superdrug and them being completely sold out, I ended up finding them in the Superdrug on Oxford Street and managed to get them in a 3 for 2 deal which was an added bonus!

The lipsticks are £4 each which is very affordable, Revolution is a cruelty free brand and you get a really good amount of product. The packing follows the same theme of her last products (being the highlighter and old eye shadow palette) so has the nude colour plastic with the rose gold detailing which I love. Unfortunately, I only picked up 2 of the shades, these being ‘Syrup’ and ‘Cake’, I didn’t get ‘Fudge’ because it is a very dark toned brown/nude so I couldn’t imagine myself getting much usage out of it.

The shade ‘Syrup’ is my favourite of the 2 I’ve got. It is a gorgeous pinky nude with some light brown tones, this product applies amazingly and is so smooth. In the summer months, I much prefer having a creamy product and this lipstick very much fits this criteria. As it is such a neutral / easy to wear colour, it will go well with any makeup look and really finishes it off! I can definitely see myself getting so much use out of this and am even planning on taking it on holiday!


The shade ‘Cake’ is also lovely and very summery! It is a dark toned pink-nude with darker tones of brown within it, it almost reminds me of a plum like shade. This lipstick also applies very nicely and has a slight sheen to it which I love as it looks more glossy. This shade also goes with many looks but because it is darker its slightly harder to pair and is more stand-out than ‘Syrup’.


A hack which I recently discovered about these (and most lipsticks), is that if they have a section on the bottom with the shade on, you can twist this off and inside is more of the actual product. I love doing this, especially when lining my lips first because the small tub is easier to put a brush in to!

Overall, I really love these lipsticks and can’t wait to continue using them! For only £4, they will last you so long and won’t completely dry out your lips or go really cracked on them so I would definitely recommend! Click on the shade names as listed to view these products on the Superdrug website: ‘Syrup‘, ‘Cake‘ and ‘Fudge‘.

cover image

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you ejoyed! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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