The Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

As you may have seen a while ago, I did a post on my reasoning for going cruelty free which you can find here, ever since this post I have kept to my word and have discovered so many products that I love which don’t test on animals and decided to share with you a few brands that I have been loving!

Firstly, a drugstore brand which in the UK is mostly found in Wilkinson’s shops is Essence. Every single one of their products that I have tested has been amazing and I would rate their lipsticks to be better than M.A.C’s and they are so much cheaper which is an added bonus! In all honesty, I used to look at this brand and think that the products surely couldn’t be good because of how cheap it all is, however, after trying them my mind is completely changed. My top 2 products from this brand would have to be their Super Curl Volume Mascara which is £3 and the Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipsticks which are £2.30.


A high-end makeup brand which I, along with many others love, is Too Faced. I have always had a lot of respect for this brand because when walking through shops such as Debenhams, they are one of the few that are cruelty free! I’ve used their products for a while now and although they can be on the more pricey side, their products are always good quality and never fail to disappoint. My favourites from Too Faced include: the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette and the Born This Way Foundation, I’ve also heard great things about their Better Than Sex mascara but am yet to try this out for myself!

too faced

A very well known drugstore brand for being cruelty free is Revolution and I’ll happily admit that this is my current top brand to buy from as they never fail to impress me. Once again, they have very affordable products with such good shade ranges so that it is usable by every different skin tone, even high end brands don’t have shade ranges as wide as theirs so I really respect them as a brand! My favourite product of theirs is their Conceal and Define Concealer as I use this pretty much everyday, I also love their eye shadow palettes and now have quite the collection of them growing! If you take anything from this post it should be that you give their products a try.


Another amazing cruelty free brand is The Body Shop. I have only really gotten in to their makeup since going cruelty free and they were one of the first shops that I went in to trying to find new products to try. The first thing I tried out was their Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation because I had seen so many good reviews about it online, I have now already gone through 3 of the tubes of it because it use it so often and love it! I have also gained a lot of love for their skincare products and most of my skincare routine now consists of their products so overall, they are fab at both beauty and skincare!

body shop

Finally, another great drugstore brand that are cruelty free are Nip and Fab! I have only tried out a few of their products but everything that I’ve tried has been amazing and I’ve also heard great reviews on most of their other products. My favourite product of theirs is the Contour Powder Palette as you get 5 contour shades and a highlighter, because you get so many shades you can create different looks or go lighter/darker which I love! I would also really like to try out their foundations and lip products as people rave about these!

nip and fab

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post gave you some inspiration for new brands you can try. I have done research to check that all listed brands are cruelty free but if you know any differently then please let me know in the comments! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

21 thoughts on “The Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve been wanting to go cruelty free too. I’ve been doing lots of research to find good products that don’t test on animals, so this was so helpful! Thank you for sharing Beth♡

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  2. I tried Essence and wasn’t too impressed with some of their products but i really do need to try more because my local wilkinsons didnt have a good selection of products but i love revolution and too faced, theyre my fave brands right now!

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  3. Omg Beth, I genuinely loved this post because I have wanted to make more of an effort to transition all my makeup to cruelty free but just don’t have the budget for high end products. I will 100% look into these brands when looking for new makeup ❤

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