A Week In Outfits – Sixth Form

As it is now sadly back to school season, me and Amelia from It’s Mee thought it would be fun to collab on a post of a week in outfits that we would wear to our sixth forms. My sixth form does’t have very strict rules on what we can wear whereas Amelia’s has a smart dress code so we thought it would be interesting to do these posts as a comparison. Make sure to check out Amelia’s post by clicking here and give her blog a follow, her posts are amazing and she’s so lovely.

For sixth form, I tend to dress quite casual/comfy, especially in the Autumn and Winter months. Within this post, you will see that I do not make a massive effort for what I wear to school as in all honesty, I’m only there to learn, not to impress people! Also, apologies that these photos are all taken on my phone, I tried taking them on my camera but my tripod wasn’t working with me and I ran out of time in the mornings before sixth form!

For my first outfit this week, I put together a simple outfit which is very casual. The top is from New Look and my jeans are from Matalan (aka the only jeans which fit the length of my legs!). Then, I would pair a simple denim jacket and a pair of Nike or Adidas trainers to finish it off. This is a very generic outfit for me as it’s super easy and means I can add layers on top if I do get cold!

Another one of my outfits for this week also features the same black jeans from Matalan, along with a pink Prince & Fox jumper which I bought in the sale from Aeropostale, last time I was in Florida. This jumper is so comfortable and isn’t too thick which means that I don’t overheat yet I also don’t freeze. I love the little geometric fox print that it has in the top left hand corner as it’s quite different from any design I’ve seen on a jumper before.

outfit 2

The next outfit is an extra comfy one… I wore this H&M navy jumper which says ‘New York’. So many people seem to have this jumper and I understand why because it is so cozy and comfy. As I was extra cold (and ill) this day, I wore a strappy top underneath. I paired this jumper with my blue denim jeans from Matalan and did really simple makeup.

outfit 4

For the next days outfit, I wore my pink Calvin Klein top which I bought in the sale when in the outlets in America (it was so much cheaper than they sell for here in the UK!) and paired it with a different black pair of jeans from Matalan. I then wore my Adidas trainers and threw a denim jacket over it to look like I had made more of an effort.

outfit 3

Finally, on the Friday of this week, I wore a grey slogan top which also says ‘New York’, this top was from New Look and I remember it being really cheap. I then paired it with these black trousers with white stripes down the side which were £14 from Matalan, I love these and wear them all the time because they are so comfy and make me look like I’ve made slightly more effort than wearing jeans everyday! I then paired this outfit with my black Old Skool Vans and a light-wash denim jacket.

outfit 5

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed as this is quite a different post for me but I am trying to branch out with what I am posting. Sorry again for the awful quality images, I wish that my tripod and camera would have cooperated so they could have been better! Once again, please make sure to check out Amelia’s blog here.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

19 thoughts on “A Week In Outfits – Sixth Form

      1. I had to wear a blazer and tie for 2 years in high school so I’m so glad my sixth form doesn’t have a dress code, they are however trying to get one which is so annoying!! Xx


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