Mini Beauty Bay Haul + Review

I recently did an order from Beauty Bay as I wanted to try out a new foundation and thought I would treat myself! I love Beauty Bay so much as the delivery is always amazing and so fast, they also have sooo many choices to pick from and a lot of the times have really good sales.

From Beauty Bay, I firstly ordered The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation in the shade ‘1.1P Fair’. In all honesty, I did find it really hard to pick out which shade would match me best based on the swatches shown as they were all quite similar but with different undertones so I picked this one for its pink undertones as I have pink toned skin. This foundation is only £5.95 which is such an amazing price considering all of the great reviews I have heard about it. When receiving the product and trying it for the first time, I noticed that it was quite watery and disappointingly, the shade was too light for my skintone (the struggle of not being able to test it when you order it online). However, I did find a solution.


I had also ordered the L.A. Girl PRO.coverage foundation in the shade ‘Natural’ as from the swatches this looked like it would suit me best out of all of them but when this arrived, it was slightly too dark for me. However, I used this to my advantage because I mixed the 2 new foundations together and they were an exact match to the shade I would usually wear! The coverage of them together was quite full which I liked as I struggle to find good full coverage foundations but I feel like I could make it more natural by using less product which is good. The L.A. Girl foundation is £10 currently but I’m sure I got it for £8 when they had a sale on so its good to always keep an eye out.


The final product that I ordered was the Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix in the shade ‘Bistre’ which is £8.50. I got this because I want to start making more of an effort with my eyebrows rather than just putting clear gel in them every day to keep them in place. Iv’e always been quite lucky in the fact that I have quite full brows, that is why I have never really used much product in them and because of this I don’t feel the need to use a pomade or a pencil to define them, that’s why I went for a gel. The applicator is just like a mascara wand which is perfect as its so fast and easy, the gel itself is quite tacky but I like this as it means it won’t budge once its applied, however, if you make a mistake then it can be quite difficult to get off once its dried down. I’m really pleased with this product and can’t wait to continue using it as I feel like it makes much more of a difference when I use it.


Overall, I am so pleased with these products and know I will get use out of all of them. Its also a bonus that they are all also cruelty free and super affordable.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

12 thoughts on “Mini Beauty Bay Haul + Review

  1. Nice post! I also have the LA GIRL foundation. I’ve had it a while now! At first I loved it, the coverage is amazing! However I find it goes really oily on me now, despite the fact I don’t have oily skin! Weird xx

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  2. I’ve recently started doing most of my shopping on BeautyBay because they really have such a good selection! I’ve heard mixed things about TO Coverage Foundation, but apparently the serum foundation is meant to be way better. Although for the price you pay, even wearing both of those foundations together isn’t bad

    Cordelia ||

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    1. They have some amazing options on Beauty Bay don’t they!! Oh really, I hadn’t heard anything about the serum one but I saw it online and assumed it may be really runny and not good coverage? Thanks for reading xxx


  3. I love a good ol’ haul, especially when it includes some makeup items I’ve not tried as it makes me want to try things out of my regular holy grail items 😂 I hate ordering foundation online because it’s so difficult to shade match. Loved your post as always! xo

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