Autumn Homeware Accessories

Autumn has got to be my favourite time of year… I’m obsessed with all of the colours, wrapping up and getting out all of my candles! When it gets to the middle/end of September, I get out my Autumnal room decorations and thought I would share a few of them in this post today. 

The first 2 new items in my room for this year are candles from Bath & Body Works, I got these when I was on holiday in Vegas and got the 2 for $16 which I was very impressed with, I wish that I could have gotten the full sized ones but unfortunately they were too big and heavy to bring home. The 2 scents that I got are ‘Pumpkin Pecan Waffles’ and ‘Black Tie’. These scents are the complete opposites of the other and I will mainly be using the waffle one as it has a very sweet scent which I would associate with Autumn/Winter whereas, the ‘Black Tie’ is a very classic and almost smells like men’s aftershave (which I lowkey love the smell of, no shame) so I will probably light this more in January/February.


The next item was also bought on my recent holiday to Vegas and was actually from the Dollar Store which may surprise some people. When I was there, it was the middle of summer so I was shocked to see that they already had loads of Autumnal and Halloween decorations out! It is this really cute, leaf shape dish which is a gold/orange shiny plastic. I bought this as I knew I would get use out of it for storing things in my room and for using for blog pictures, you may have noticed that it was featured in my last post and I was really pleased with the photography in it!


Finally, the next items that I bought were also from the Dollar Store, they are these 2 mini pumpkins which are covered in glitter and a cute design. I much prefer having cute Halloween decorations over scary ones in my room as they look great in photos and go with the other items that I have got. These are shockingly good quality for the price point, I had them in my case coming back from holiday and they did not break at all, the glitter does slightly come off but not enough to worry about for the price point. I love how these look in my room and can see these lasting for such a long time, I’m so impressed!


Those were all of the new items that I have bought this year for my bedroom, I didn’t go overboard as I do still have some from previous years which I will be using. If you are from America then definitely check out the Dollar Store for some amazing decorations (I’m so jealous we don’t have them in the UK) and I know from last year that great places for home-ware in the UK include: HomeSense, Poundland, T K Maxx and many others!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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