Personalised Christmas Gift Guide 2018

At Christmas, I love giving gifts which are personal as I think it really shows a lot about your friendship or relationship to the person and is more meaningful. However, these types of gifts aren’t always cheap and can be hard to think of so I thought I’d share a few in this post. 

The first personal idea that I have, are prints which you can order online which display names, images or quotes about the person/people involved. There are some lovely family ones which display wellington boots or cartoon people which relate to the people involved. I also love the ones which display a family or friendship group made out of little pebbles as they are a lovely touch to a room and look very expensive. To pair with a print, you can buy a nice frame to display it in and then it is a perfect present which so many people would love to receive! 

My next personal gift idea is buying a small scrapbook and filling it with images, a lot of places (Amazon, Ebay, craft shops, local supermarkets) sell plain scrapbooks which allow you to write anything on the cover and fill it how you please. Photos can be very cheap and easy to print off by ordering them online or printing in places such as Asda or Boots. I think these are a great idea for family or friends and it is something that they can keep forever and if you don’t fill it completely, then this gives them room to be able to add in more memories and photos later on. 

Another personal gift idea is a photo book, this is very similar to the idea above but saves a lot of time as it can all be done through the internet and you do not need to stick all of the images in yourself or do the writing elements. Sometimes these can be quite expensive, depending on where you get them from. There is an amazing app called ‘Free Prints Photo Books’ where each month, you get a free photo book and all you have to do it pay the postage. i have used this app many times and have always been pleased with the results. 

Etsy is an amazing website if you are looking for personalised gifts, for my friends birthday, I was struggling on what to buy her so was always scrolling through Etsy looking for ideas, I know that she loves tea so managed to find a ‘tea box’ which you could personalise to say their name. It arrived and was really good quality and a fab gift, as a tea lover myself, I know that I would’ve loved to receive this. You can find this product here, however I think they have fully sold out now but know there are many similar ones on Etsy and you can also personalise them to not say ‘tea’ so could also be great for jewellery/coffee/makeup etc. 

Another amazing gift idea that I found on Etsy, was a personalised water bottle/flask. These come in so handy over the winter/colder months (or always in the UK) and they look so similar to the Chilly’s ones which are quite expensive, I know that I would love to receive this as I hate using water bottles all the time as they are bad for the environment. This would be perfect for both men and women and any age! 

Another gorgeous idea are these customised name bar bracelets on Etsy. These look so expensive for only being £8 and you can also find them many other places. You can’t really go wrong with jewellery at Christmas, especially something personalised like this! 

NotOnTheHighStreet also have some great personalised gifts, these are usually on the higher priced side which is why I tend to shop more on Etsy but whenever I have bought from them, the quality has been outstanding. This personalised wine/gin glass is a fab idea as who wouldn’t want their own wine/gin glass with their name on? They also do some gorgeous journals, diaries, Christmas decorations, prints, pens, pencils… the list is endless so definitely go and check out their site. 

I really hope that this post was useful! There will hopefully be more gift guides to come on my blog over the month of December so keep an eye out for them! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate

Beth X

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